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Friday, 12 January 2018 07:27

What are the 5 most important steps in construction you need?

Written by  Pete williams
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When you hire a construction firm to start working on your site you soon realize that the whole construction phase is going to be extremely complicated and hectic. And even if you already know how complicated the whole process is going to be, you know nothing you do will uncomplicate this phase of construction or make it stress free. In fact, that is the reason most realty developers and site owners alike hand over their whole process to a construction firm and wait for the result. But if you don’t choose the right firm to offer you Construction Services Massachusetts, you are most probably going to get taken advantage of.  Also, if you don’t employ a great team you won’t be able to get your construction services demarked into various parts. That will reduce transparency in the overall construction phase and you won’t get the same high quality results you were expecting from your finished site.

That is why the biggest and the best firm like Alexandra Construction Inc. Construction Company Massachusetts breaks down its construction services into five parts and makes it easier to follow for their employees and clients and to give better and more reliable final product. These five steps are –


Every site, no matter how big or small, has a lot of moving elements. Behind these elements, there are perhaps many different subcontractors and their employees. Collaborating and strategizing with these other firms is not an easy task. The best way to do this is to think of these subcontractors as partners in the site development. Alexandra Construction does exactly that and its management initiates policies and policies that encourage communication with not only their partner but internally too.

The reason behind this because big firms like Alexandra knows that their various onsite teams could become single tracked and not take into account another teams work and develop their work to complement them. Sharing information about their development with team internally and partners is the cornerstone of building a great site. This process also saves time and money for their clients and keeps everything transparent while keeping them involved.



Scheduling is perhaps one of the most important steps in the site’s development. If the site is not finished on schedule, it could cost the client a lot of money and throw his work into a tailspin. To avoid the ire of the client companies like Alexandra, schedule to finish their projects in a timely manner. They use a myriad of tools to do this. One such tool is Primavera Scheduling Software. Alexandra insists that their teams of Schedulers are comfortable in this software.  They also insist that their schedulers posses knowledge, experience and completely understand the capability of each and every onsite resource.

This helps Alexandra Construction Services Massachusetts to properly coordinate complicated sequences of works between their teams and partners. It also helps them develop scheduling documents that guide each and every team member through various twists and turns every project invariably throws up. With the power of proper scheduling, Alexandra Construction keeps up with all the on-site challenges and easily handle all the critical aspects of the construction, even if it is lagging behind.


Cost Control:

What most construction firms forget is that a client financial interest should be your interest. Clients expect a contractor to complete their tasks within the project’s costs and try and minimize the whole expense even further. This approach gives the client an even bigger incentive to come back to the Construction Company with another project after the completion of their primary project.

Alexandra Construction ensures a successful cost control step from the preconstruction stage. With proper preconstruction, they develop and coordinated set of building documents with a firm budget. And in the construction phase, these documents are considered at each and every stage of development in Project Progress Meetings. These documents also help make guidelines for internal review processes and help this firm track critical path items, as well as focus on milestones of the project. These coordinated building documents and a firm budget is a must to complete the project on time and within the allotted budget and should be a must for every big construction company.



In today day and age a construction company should ensure that their projects shouldn’t have any negative impact on the environment and rather have a positive impact on the society at large. This is made possible by using sustainable material and Green Building Techniques. Some construction services companies might brag about their projects being sustainable and environmentally friendly but they are not. On the other hand, Alexandra Construction ensures that each and every one of their project is. That is why Sustainability is one of the important steps they undertake in the completion of their projects.

Alexandra Construction’s General Contractor Boston key personnel hold LEED ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ credentials. LEED simply put is a rating system devised by the Green Building Council to evaluate the environmental performance of all buildings and encourage market transformation towards a more sustainable design philosophy. Our LEED professionals work in conjunction with our project management teams to track sustainable points and gather supporting paperwork regarding the changes they make. A LEED certified buildings have tangible benefits and can help the client get benefits like tax rebates, zoning allowances and faster lease up rates. They also can give the client LEED credits according to the performance of the building.


Lean Construction is undertaken with the help of considerable research and practical elements of design and construction. This process, when undertaken fully, should eliminate waste and minimize costs for the client. Alexandra Construction Services Massachusetts does exactly that by making continuous improvements to minimize costs while maximizing value. Some of the steps Alexandra takes to keep their projects lean are One Touch Handling, Multi Skilling and Push Pull Analysis.

One Touch Handling cuts down on the labor intensive tasks by stocking the material at an easy to maneuver and use the place for all. Multi Skilling basically means employing an individual who can complete multiple tasks by him or herself. It could also mean teaching the employee to complete multiple tasks. And the push-pull analysis ensures that every node stage has the materials in hand and the construction company never runs out raw materials and stop work. All these small steps are integrated into Alexandra Construction’s every project.



Unlike most construction services firms, Alexandra Construction is one of those firms which strives to make the Construction Phase of each and every project completely transparent for the client. Above is just the breakdown of just their Construction Phase, Alexandra similarly breaks down their Pre and Post Construction phase. They also go out of their way to keep their project environmentally friendly and socially conscious. Ever team leader and team member of the project also ensure that every one of their projects has a friendly environment for their partners, designers, clients and even visitors.

So if you want a friendly site systematically guided by learned and experienced professionals who ensure that a completed project is completed on schedule and delivered to you on time you have to go with Alexandra Construction Services Massachusetts. They will never go wrong and if you go with them, neither will you

Pete williams

Pete williams

Hire Alexandra Construction company massachusetts for the best General Contractor Massachusetts and get the power of the best commercial construction company. Call 617-630-8150

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