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Thursday, 01 September 2016 12:28

Classic migraine causes

Though, researchers have not found the exact cause of a migraine, still, they have gathered enough evidence that signify certain factors like environment, stress, certain types of foods  may trigger migraine headache. As scientists are researching more on migraine causes, they are coming up with preventive measures that may relieve the throbbing pain of migraine.
If you are a migraine sufferer, like millions of other people then you must have heard about a classic migraine headache. Doctors have diagnosed different types of migraine headaches in patients, but the most common is classic migraine. Other types of migraine headaches include Hemiplegic migraine, basilar migraine, migraine without aura and so on.

What is a classic migraine headache?
A headache that takes place with some prior warnings like an aura or visual disturbances is termed as classic migraine. When this attack is about to arrive, you may feel dizzy or high sensitivity to light and noise. This type of headache lasts for about 20 to 25 minutes.

Check out classic migraine causes
Scientists haven’t yet confirmed what actually causes this sort of headache, but they assume serotonin and dopamine may play an important role in this type of attack. The possible symptoms of this headache may vary from person to person.

So, doctors suggest migraine patients to keep a migraine diary where they can keep a track of the things that may trigger this headache. Migraine triggers may come from both internal and external sources. To take a preventive approach towards a migraine headache, it is important that a patient should identify his own migraine triggers and a good place to start this thing is migraine journal.

To download a migraine diary, you can click on this link This will help patients as well as doctors to identify possible migraine causes. Your migraine diary should include the frequency of the headache, things that trigger this attack and severity of the pain. All this information will help your doctor to prescribe the right treatment to you.

Many times, classic migraine causes and symptoms are confused with other types of headache. So, it is better to take the help of a migraine specialist who can better identify the type of headache you are suffering from and thereby suggest correct treatment.

Below is a list of classic migraine causes. There is no scientific evidence available that denotes these symptoms and causes are bound to arrive with a classic migraine headache but still doctors believe these are common factors in this type of headache. Let’s have a look at them –

Possible migraine causes and symptoms

  • Food

Improper diet and certain types of food may play an important role as amigraine trigger. Foods like beer, processed meat, dairy products, MSG, chocolate, caffeine, soya sauce or anything dried or fermented may cause migraine headache.

  • Hormone

The menstrual Syndrome is one of the important causes of migrainein women that results in hormone fluctuation. If any patient takes hormone replacement therapy or oral contraceptive, the severity of migraine pain may increase to a great extent.

  • Environmental factors

Flashing lights, sun glare and strong odours like paint or smoke may cause a serious migraine headache.

  • Stress level

High-stress level is another common cause of classic migraine headache.
Therefore, if you feel high sensitivity to light, sound and aura before the start of a throbbing headache, then it’s time to look out for a migraine specialist in your nearby area. To locate a migraine specialist, you can use this link Only a migraine specialist can better identify classic migraine causes and suggest the best treatment.

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Over the years, offshore trading companies have gained massive attention and have stepped up to the limelight. In the present age, the globe is no more differentiated by borders when it comes to conducting business. The international foreign exchange market is massive and businesspersons, who have a knack to understand this massive market, can make huge fortunes instantly.

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Individuals and businesses usually maintain an account with an offshore institution in order to conduct trade with different international countries. However, easier said than done, understanding Forex market can be complex in nature. Maintaining accounts with an offshore institution needs to be carefully done as the ever-fluctuating foreign exchange market can produce both favorable and unfavorable outcomes.

To make things easier, many businesses have made their appearance that lends a helping hand with matters of foreign exchange market. These businesses conduct Forex Seminar for companies that are willing to maintain accounts with offshore institutions. These seminars shed light over different crucial topics that aid businesses to understand how the foreign exchange market works, the tactics that can be used to take advantage of the value of different currencies, strategies to escape unnecessary tax and tariff duties, and numerous other topics.

These seminars are conducted by experts, who have immense knowledge and practical experience operating in the foreign exchange market. Now a days, there companies that help businesses to manage their offshore account on their behalf and exercise tasks in a smooth manner. Hiring professionals to look after your Forex account always help you obtain an edge over the others who are at present involved in the market.

It not only becomes easy for you to take advantage of the Forex market but it also become possible for businesses to stay on the stay side with professional assistance. In many cases, businesses usually give a second thought before registering a Forex account. This is probably because of the shady offshore deals that are glorified over the media.

With expert’s assistance, you need not ever worry about being indulged in any illegal transaction processes or other acts that lead to unfavorable outcomes. These professionals ensure to undertake the accounts of their clients in the most transparent way. It is always recommended to attend Forex training prior to being indulged with any offshore activities.

Suissetrade is top-notch business group that aims at offering reliable Forex services. The experts of Suisse Trade conduct Forex Seminar for the masses from across the globe to educate them about the prevailing offshore trading matters. Visit the official website of this company to know more.

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Posted by Cells4Life on Dec 22, 2013 in Stem Cell News | 0 comments

The lifesaving power of umbilical cord blood stem cells and the regenerative healing of cord tissue is no longer a secret. As stem cell treatments and research advance, more and more parents are opting to bank their newborn baby’s cord blood and tissue. Find out how stem cells are being used in medicine today.

Umbilical cord blood is the blood remaining in the cord after your baby has been born and the cord has been cut and clamped. It contains valuable stem cells that can be used in a variety of medical treatments such as regenerating the immune system after chemotherapy. Stem cells are known as ‘the building blocks of life’. They have the unique ability to become other types of cells in the body such as the blood, nerve cells, muscle, bone, and cartilage.

Why are umbilical stem cells so valuable?

Cord blood stem cells can only be collected at birth, so it is important to make the decision to do cord tissue storage several weeks before your due date.

Cord Tissue stored at birth have many advantages – they are readily available for your family if needed, they are considered to be the ‘youngest and freshest’ type of stem cell, and importantly there is a greater potential of a stem cell match between siblings.

Stem cells from the cord blood have been used for more than 20 years for the treatment of a number of disorders of the blood such as leukemia, lymphoma and thalassemia, which previously had been treated with bone marrow.

The umbilical cord blood collection process

After the safe delivery of your child, your obstetrician or midwife cleans the umbilical cord (with the materials provided in the Cells4Life kit) and inserts the blood bag needle into the umbilical vein. The blood flows into the bag by gravity. The blood bag tubing is clamped, sealed and labeled to await courier collection. The whole process takes only a few minutes and causes no pain for mother or baby.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new clinical trial of a groundbreaking strategy using stem cells for the treatment of MS (multiple sclerosis).

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system (the spinal cord, optic nerves and brain). Common symptoms are numbness of the limbs, but more severe cases can lead to paralysis and blindness.

According to Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, there are currently between 350,000 to 500,000 people in the US who have been diagnosed with MS, and 200 people are diagnosed with the disease every week.

Researchers from the Tisch MS Research of New York say the FDA has granted approval to begin early clinical investigation (phase 1 trial) of autologous neural stem cells in the treatment of MS.

Similar trials but with larger number of patients (phase 2) have already been under way in the UK. In 2011, UK scientists received £1 million from the MS Society and the UK Stem Cell Foundation (UKCSF) towards research investigating whether stem cells can slow, stop or reverse brain and spinal cord damage in MS patients.

Read more information here –

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