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Usually, clothing of men defines personality of a man. If you are clean and sharp, a positive view is formed. Once you are very dirty and shaggy, still an opinion is formed beside you. An important thing that you should confirm that you get yourself is clothes of good fitting. They obviously show the body shape of a man. It doesn’t mean that you must wear tight clothing. Poor fittings are generally very bad for the man’s image.

Another thing you need to do is keep your clothing very simple. It doesn’t mean under dressing. It indicates having good taste for each and every piece of dress that you are wearing. Selecting an outstanding pants and shirt which will match with each other is best. If going to attend a marriage buy designer sherwani, which is really a wonderful choice. A straightforward look indicates that you don’t over accessorize by using different fashion jewelleries. It is enough to wear one or two jewelry.


Even different color combinations should be carefully done. In case you mix different colors,  you will come up failing to make an impression. Still, you can look showy without over  dressing. Like, in case you wish to look showy, only need to add a flashy necklace and flashy  watch. Being normal shouldn’t be taken that you would look tedious.

Another thing that must be looked at very cautiously is the supporting things. In case you are  using rugged bottoms, then you need to wear rugged tops. When you are going to shop  something, you must go with any other person that will able to give you a genuine and honest  suggestion about clothing. It is very important when you want to buy designer sherwani for  your own wedding.

You can’t completely depend on a salesperson. You must have a friend or family member when  you are going to shop something. You must be aware about the difference, women really like the  procedure of shopping and the entire procedure of looking for the best clothing. They love the  procedure a lot, actually they do it for enjoyment and they have made-up a term known by the  name of window shopping which indicates they visit all the shops of looking continually for  accessories, shoes and clothes. On the other hand, men see shopping as tough task, one that  wants to be gifted in the quickest and most resourceful way possible. Always, men want to  purchase the very first thing they notice and come back their home.


It is a reality that one doesn’t need to be a man to recognize. Any specific woman who has ever  had to haul a man to go for shopping with her though it is to purchase clothing for men will  identify this, doesn’t matter it is a father, a boy friend, a brother or someone other or only a  friend who wants assistance with deciding what to purchase. In short, if you are a man, and  going to purchase clothing for you, you should take your partner with you to select best clothing.

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In a present scenario, fashion world and has taught so many things to make our life smarter and creative. But sometime as they said, "too many chef, spoil the froth", similar apply with too many information about the wearing a tuxedo. Something you find our self in a state of explicit dilemma which way to go and what to do or not to, do when to wear and where not to and so on. Here is the answer to all those queries.

If you are a man with late twenties or early thirties and you every now and then have to attend lot of wedding, party and other occasions, you should better invest once in a quality custom made tuxedos in Hong Kong rather than renting an ill-fitted one which never gives pure satisfaction to the full.

You can place an order for the one which is affordable, stylish, and best fit to your personality. In an explicit term, traditional is always best and it always work well for you. You can avoid cummerbunds and vests. of course, you can add some fun in look by adding playfully printed pocket square or socks. There is no certain or hard and fast rule for buying or preparing tailor made tuxedos.


What is Tuxedos All About?

One thing we need to understand that tuxedos are not a suits. Although suit and tuxedos look alike and both involve jackets and trousers which is made up of matching materials, yet both the garment are prepared to serve different purposes.

Suits are considered more casual and it is a perfect attire to wear in the office, out on a lunch and so on. You are more sensitive to match it with matching shirt, ties, pocket square, socks and other accoutrements. However, tuxedos have little different than suits. It falls in class of semi-formal and it is exclusively referred to as dinner clothes and worn in the evening. It is not appropriate to use it for official purposes. If you are invited to a black tie event, you must put a tuxedo.


There are Do's and Don'ts which you can follow which is as such:



  • Use satin or grosgrain facing in tuxedos, at least the lapels, pockets, and pants of which the out-seams should be faced the material of your choice. You can face it on the collar as well.
  • Choose to wear a single-tuxedo with only one button and either peaked lapels or a shawl collar.
  • Keep your tuxedos collar to black or midnight blue and a cream-colored jacket is suitable for summer months.



  • Avoid belt, as they do not look good on tuxedos. Instead, wear a pants that consist braces or that have side tabs.
  • Put on shoes with too much details such as bicycle toes, wingtips and broguing. They are not appropriate with tuxedos and look too sporty.
  • Wear two or three button single breasted tuxedos, at least not with notched lapel

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Readymade shirts may not be a comfort zone for majority people out there despite the market  around the world is abundant with readymade shirts of all sizes and exquisite brands as well as with delicate designs and shades. A large majority of people seek preferred comfort, fitting and style that is not virtually present in off the rack or readymade garments.


All fashion minded and specific style-centric men who do not find the delicacy and elegance in readymade attire, ardently follow custom made shirt in Hong Kong. A bespoke or custom made shirt can bring forth desired style and design that you always yearn for. This is the biggest reason why the idea and concept of needle thread occupation and skilled could not written off from the social arena due to its high impact and custom delivery alternatives for your good looking shirts.


Hence it is high time for all those preferred and discerning men who are still finding their ways out for ultimate fashion but could find the piece of shirt that could exactly defines their style, elegance and on top of that their own personality. On the other hand, readymade shirts despite consisting of very popular brand and different style and flourishing colour and pattern could not attract mindful people. Such discerning people still long for style and comfort in such attires. Moreover, it has been vastly observed that demonstrating custom made shirts in the form of precious possession goes a long way in formidable and popular relations both individually and commercially. This is so because they are fully aware of their preferred color combination, desired fabric and style that they are going to choose, what exactly they are going to be served.

There are number of advantages that custom made shirt has to offer as compare to readymade one.


Excellent and precise fitting:

This is one of significant specialty of custom made shirt that you can obtain needle thread fitting that is in accordance with your body structure and body type. The measured to fit custom made shirt art the first choice of celebrity and many other eminent personality around the world.



Custom made shirts are much economical as well as within the reach of everyone. It is affordable as compare to readymade shirt that comes from highly expensive and out of reach cost that can be afford by all sphere of people in the community.

Option to choose your own custom shirt:

The biggest advantage why men should prefer custom made shirt is it adaptability according to the size, body structure and type, option to choose your own fabric, pattern and style. Even you can discuss with your tailor while it is in the making if you are not satisfied with some of the finishing or work.


Apart from this there are other benefits as well. Hence, if you are still wondering how to make your own style statement and surprise the world with perfect blend of ultimate fashion, you can find out bespoke or custom made tailor in Hong Kong and place an order for the shirt of your own choice. It is as simple as that.

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Cotton has been a premium fabric which is widely preferred for a wide range of apparels such as shirts, trousers, jackets, suits and all of the Ts are being stitched and designed with such a fabric. Further, there are some professions which typically calls for specific dress code such as black coats (custom tailored suits) for lawyers, players, corporate meetings and in other occupations also, such as doctors and CAs prefer cotton jackets during summer season. Further, it is estimated that humans have been wearing the cotton fabric since 5000 BC. Hence, such an exceptional fabric comes with a lot many advantages while some disadvantages are also being found in such a dress material. Following are some of the striking features of a of top grade cotton fabric:


A) Extremely Breathable:

Such fabric are acclaimed for being pretty breathable and it allows air to pass through its delicate yarns and hence it is pretty opposite to the range of modern fabric. Sweat gets evaporated in a jiff and one feel pretty comfortable during the summer days, as a result.


B) Soft and Delicate:

Premium cotton fabric is found to be pretty soft and delicate to feel and hence it enables supreme calmness towards the wearers.


C) Cotton Encapsulates Totally:

Cotton insulates the human body in its entirety and hence it does not allow temperature to pass through it, at any point of time and by any means. High quality cotton fibers thus retains coolness and calmness during summer days while during winters cotton ensures warmth and then it does not get cling to one’s body at any time.


D) Non Allergenic in Essence:

Cotton fabrics suppress any chances of aggravating skin allergies and such a delicate dress material is thus preferred for babies and for those with sensitive skins. We can see that premium cotton yarns are being utilized for bandages and gauze.


E) Robust and Accomplished:

Cotton yarns are delicately woven and such a fabric is thus found to be pretty robust and enduring in essence. Further, while the fabric is wet, it is pretty stronger enough and hence immaculately designed cotton shirts are pretty long lasting and appealing to on-lookers.  Further, owing to its accomplished substance, the cotton fabric is also being enmeshed to create newer fabrics, such as denim, seersucker, corduroy, broadcloth, chinos and so forth.


There are some downsides to the use of cotton fabric as well, such as that it gets fade easily under the sunlight and then it gets crumpled easily. Further, such a fabric is claimed to get shrunk easily and hence one is advised to buy sizes which are larger than his usual one, if cotton apparel is secured. Hence for any useful tips, Famous Tailors in Hong Kong can be consulted while a cotton shirt or a cotton suit is ordered and they would be apt people to consult for keeping it intact and in proper shape.

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Purchasing men suits online can indeed be a relishing experience since a person remains in the comforts of his home and has a range of fabric options to consider and can also opt for preferred styles and designs in that sense. As a matter of relishing fact, the digital revolution has engulfed the whole world at length and such versatile framework has made its impact felt across all fields of professional skills and bespoke tailoring is not separate from it. To keep tab upon the global tailoring needs, the bespoke tailoring houses from around the world have aligned with supreme digital technology for the purpose of ensuring towering elegance among the global audience

Swift Process for Style and Fabric Selection:

While shopping online, bespoke lovers can easily have scores of options before them, as mentioned above and one can easily secure the real life experience when he gets while visiting the showroom. Kudos to website developers and a range of exclusive development techniques and sophisticated platforms, one can easily select the preferred range of options while making a decision for the custom tailored suits, bespoke shirts and made-to-measure trousers and such orders can be placed through digital way or through integrated portals. Unique sections are created for proper fabric selection, perfect styling, precise specifications and for every little detail that needs to be communicated. Besides, such finely tuned portals also ensure know your tailor facility, whereby lovers of bespoke tailoring skills, can easily get to know about their master architect of their elegance through custom tailoring suits. Comprehensive discussions can had with the such experienced tailors and then there are posted fabric swatches in order to enable consumers make proper selection of preferred dress material and details about the pros and cons of each of the fabric is also being documented.


Precise Documentation Of Everything:

Every syllable and every preference would get highlighted in a proper manner and it is mainly because of the fact that consumers are enabled to create their username and passwords and every preference would thus get notified therein.  Users can easily save their preferences and styling options and can forward the same to dressing engineers who would then design and develop the nicely crafted apparel accordingly. According to saved specifications and size measurements, future dresses would be crafted and designed and esteem tailors would easily translate their choices into practical approach.

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