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In a present scenario, fashion world and has taught so many things to make our life smarter and creative. But sometime as they said, "too many chef, spoil the froth", similar apply with too many information about the wearing a tuxedo. Something you find our self in a state of explicit dilemma which way to go and what to do or not to, do when to wear and where not to and so on. Here is the answer to all those queries.

If you are a man with late twenties or early thirties and you every now and then have to attend lot of wedding, party and other occasions, you should better invest once in a quality custom made tuxedos in Hong Kong rather than renting an ill-fitted one which never gives pure satisfaction to the full.

You can place an order for the one which is affordable, stylish, and best fit to your personality. In an explicit term, traditional is always best and it always work well for you. You can avoid cummerbunds and vests. of course, you can add some fun in look by adding playfully printed pocket square or socks. There is no certain or hard and fast rule for buying or preparing tailor made tuxedos.


What is Tuxedos All About?

One thing we need to understand that tuxedos are not a suits. Although suit and tuxedos look alike and both involve jackets and trousers which is made up of matching materials, yet both the garment are prepared to serve different purposes.

Suits are considered more casual and it is a perfect attire to wear in the office, out on a lunch and so on. You are more sensitive to match it with matching shirt, ties, pocket square, socks and other accoutrements. However, tuxedos have little different than suits. It falls in class of semi-formal and it is exclusively referred to as dinner clothes and worn in the evening. It is not appropriate to use it for official purposes. If you are invited to a black tie event, you must put a tuxedo.


There are Do's and Don'ts which you can follow which is as such:



  • Use satin or grosgrain facing in tuxedos, at least the lapels, pockets, and pants of which the out-seams should be faced the material of your choice. You can face it on the collar as well.
  • Choose to wear a single-tuxedo with only one button and either peaked lapels or a shawl collar.
  • Keep your tuxedos collar to black or midnight blue and a cream-colored jacket is suitable for summer months.



  • Avoid belt, as they do not look good on tuxedos. Instead, wear a pants that consist braces or that have side tabs.
  • Put on shoes with too much details such as bicycle toes, wingtips and broguing. They are not appropriate with tuxedos and look too sporty.
  • Wear two or three button single breasted tuxedos, at least not with notched lapel

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Readymade shirts may not be a comfort zone for majority people out there despite the market  around the world is abundant with readymade shirts of all sizes and exquisite brands as well as with delicate designs and shades. A large majority of people seek preferred comfort, fitting and style that is not virtually present in off the rack or readymade garments.


All fashion minded and specific style-centric men who do not find the delicacy and elegance in readymade attire, ardently follow custom made shirt in Hong Kong. A bespoke or custom made shirt can bring forth desired style and design that you always yearn for. This is the biggest reason why the idea and concept of needle thread occupation and skilled could not written off from the social arena due to its high impact and custom delivery alternatives for your good looking shirts.


Hence it is high time for all those preferred and discerning men who are still finding their ways out for ultimate fashion but could find the piece of shirt that could exactly defines their style, elegance and on top of that their own personality. On the other hand, readymade shirts despite consisting of very popular brand and different style and flourishing colour and pattern could not attract mindful people. Such discerning people still long for style and comfort in such attires. Moreover, it has been vastly observed that demonstrating custom made shirts in the form of precious possession goes a long way in formidable and popular relations both individually and commercially. This is so because they are fully aware of their preferred color combination, desired fabric and style that they are going to choose, what exactly they are going to be served.

There are number of advantages that custom made shirt has to offer as compare to readymade one.


Excellent and precise fitting:

This is one of significant specialty of custom made shirt that you can obtain needle thread fitting that is in accordance with your body structure and body type. The measured to fit custom made shirt art the first choice of celebrity and many other eminent personality around the world.



Custom made shirts are much economical as well as within the reach of everyone. It is affordable as compare to readymade shirt that comes from highly expensive and out of reach cost that can be afford by all sphere of people in the community.

Option to choose your own custom shirt:

The biggest advantage why men should prefer custom made shirt is it adaptability according to the size, body structure and type, option to choose your own fabric, pattern and style. Even you can discuss with your tailor while it is in the making if you are not satisfied with some of the finishing or work.


Apart from this there are other benefits as well. Hence, if you are still wondering how to make your own style statement and surprise the world with perfect blend of ultimate fashion, you can find out bespoke or custom made tailor in Hong Kong and place an order for the shirt of your own choice. It is as simple as that.

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