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Summers are here with pack of sweaty heat and immense humidity. Heat waves of summer season will make things difficult to manage and one finds solitude in cool air conditioned room sipping chill lemonade.

Even as elders find it difficult to cope with the scorching heat of summer, one has to give proper care and attention to babies and infants.

Here are some basic tips to make your baby comfortable in summer:

Go Cotton


Cotton clothes are the best attire that one should wear during summers as cotton fabric is a natural fiber and a good absorbed of water and it aids in absorbing sweat and also it is breathing fabric and thus allows air to pass through keeping the body cool. Wearing cotton clothes to babies will make them feel cool and comfortable thus combating extreme outside heat. Avoid synthetic clothes as they will be uncomfortable and cause rashes. Go for cotton nappies as they are comfortable and aid in preventing heat and nappy rash.

Go For Light Colored Clothes


Light colored clothes reflects light and dark colored clothes absorbs it.The more heat that is absorbed the hotter the clothing and hotter you feel. Moreover light colored clothing looks softer and cooler. You rbaby will feel cooler and better in light colored clothes.

Plenty of Water


Water is the summer saver as extreme heat drain of water from the body in the form of sweat. So give your baby water at regular intervals so that the temperature is regulated and also it makes the baby to stay hydrated and thus protect it from stomach infections and dehydration which are very common disease in summers.

Protect From Mosquitoes


As summer sets in, mosquitoes start setting in. Protect your baby from mosquito bites by applying skin and baby friendly repellents,cleaning the area where mosquitoes breed, making use of mosquito net when the baby sleeps, make the baby wear full sleeves clothes and most importantly maintaining hygiene around the house. It is better to avoid going out with the baby at mosquito prime time especially during evening as chances of mosquito bites are higher during that period.



Summer season makes digestion a bit tough so it is better to give light food to the babies. Go for foods that are easily digestible and less of ghee, oil or nut.

Bath Time


One can bath the baby twice a day during summers. Avoid giving very hot water baths to babies and toddlers during summers. Always use mild water bath to the baby. Avoid too much baths to the baby as it fluctuate the body temperature.

Heat Rash


Heat rashes are common during summers especially babies get seem to get it most. It is the rash that has the feeling of being pricked in are as that are exposed to sun. Cause of heat rash is excessive sweating and humidity. The best remedy of heat rash is to limit the sun exposure of your baby, keeping the baby clean and dry and keeping it hydrated. As treatment use mild soap and tepid water during bath time to help soothe the skin, apply coconut oil in the affected area and give nappy free time as much as possible. Dab calamine lotion to soothe the skin and avoid using other lotions or ointments as they  trap moisture in the skin and make the rash worse.

Skin Care


Use mild soap for bath as skin of baby is delicate. Make use of talcum powder to keep the skin cool and also they absorb sweat keeping the baby cool. Summer is havoc for skin and sensitive skin of the babies needs special care. Avoid massaging with oil during summers as oils left behind will cause a great discomfort to the baby so just bathing with moisturizing soap is enough.

Buy skin care product for baby


Avoid taking your baby out during peak time i.e. between 11.30 am and 4.00pm. This is the time when the temperature outside is at its peak.


Avoid taking your baby to air conditioned room immediately after bath as babies can quickly catch cold because of sudden temperature change.

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