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Monday, 13 November 2017 06:12

Trip to Bhangarh by Road

The total distance between Jaipur and Bhangarh Fort is approximately 52 kilometers and 47.55 meters. The miles based mostly distance from Jaipur to Bhangarh Fort is 32.3 miles long way. That is a straight distance therefore almost all of enough time the real travel distance between Jaipur and Bhangarh Fort may be higher or differ scheduled to curvature of the road.

Jaipur to Bhangarh Fort Travel Time

Jaipur is situated around 52 kilometers from Bhangarh Fort if you travel at the frequent speed of 50 kilometers per hour you can reach Bhangarh Fort in 1.04 times. Your Bhangarh Fort travel time can vary greatly scheduled to bike speed, hire a bike on rent in Jaipur to Bhangarh fort trip.

Jaipur to Bhangarh Fort Bike trip

By own bike timings from Jaipur to Bhangarh Fort around 0.87 hours when your bike maintains an average speed of 60 kilometer per hour during the period of your trip. The estimated travel time from Jaipur to Bhangarh Fort by bike can vary greatly or it will require additional time than all these time because of the road condition and various travel way. Travel time has been computed predicated on crow travel distance so there may well not exactly be any highway. I suggest you to hire a super bike on rent from Jaipur like Royal Enfield Bullet, avenger, Harley Davidson etc.

Jaipur to Bhangarh Fort Road Map

Jaipur is situated almost west part to Bhangarh Fort. The given west from Jaipur is merely approximate. The given Google map shows the route where the blue color line indicates road connection to Bhangarh Fort. Within the travel map towards Bhangarh Fort you might find enroute hotels, traveler spots, picnic places, petrol pumps and different spiritual places. The given Google map is uncomfortable to see all the places according to your expectation then to see road maps, local places see our detailed map here.

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1. Delhi - Ghaziabad - Kuchesar Mud Fort


"Kuchesar Mud Fort is an excellent getaway for folks in Delhi in need of a break, however, not having enough leave." Kuchesar is a history or traditional village found in the Bulandshahr region of Uttar Pradesh, as is exquisite for a day travel from Delhi on a bike. Kuchesar is well - known for the Mud fort built by the Jat rulers here. "A lot of the drive was good. My recommendation is to get google maps convenient as it turned out very useful for all of us."


2. Vrindavan


"Delhi to Vrindavan is just about 140 kilometres that will need you 3 hr to attain depending on the season, timing. The street is great and I journeyed via Faridabad to Mathura Highway. There can be an alternate path via Noida - Expressway also. The toll upon this route is just about Rs.100. There is absolutely no problem therefore in the path. I prefer touring morning hours. So, I began at 6 and come to there around 9.15. Then we frequented went to Iscon, Banke Bihari Ji, Radha Valab, Radha Damodar and around 12, I had been ready to make contact with Delhi."


3. Neemrana Fort Palace


"The drive to Neemrana is a combined trip, the highway drive is good until you reach the consider Neemrana. But everything fades once you reach the fortress, it rejuvenates you and then you are directly into explore the small passages and finding new routes inside the fortress." This palace has 7 wings built over 12 tiers tiered into a hill, and so it is one of unique day journeys from Delhi. Here you will discover hanging landscapes, two pools, ayurvedic spa and also India's first zip collection. To book a bike on rent in Delhi to explore the Dilli - Dil Walon Ki Nagari.


4. Agra


"Great road, the automobile goes at a quickness of 100 kilometres each hour. We totally loved the trip. It required almost 2 hrs 30 mins to attain the vacation spot. You will see the famous Buddh circuit on the right path. One suggestion, if you intend to come back to New Delhi within a day then buy toll for both edges." "You will find multiple routes from Delhi to Agra, but we required the expensive however the quickest path to Agra - Yamuna Expressway. The expressway begins from Noida and ends at Agra. The toll for the complete trip is Rs. 320 for vehicles. The highways are pretty much empty and the automobile can simply cruise trip at a quickness of 150 kmph. My very own car reached up to whopping 210 kmph. But we handled the quickness to avoid risking a tyre burst. Although you don't have to have a stop, there are food plazas on the path to take a rest or refreshments."


5. Damdama Lake


"It's an excellent place bounded by the Aravalli Hill. The area has a huge lake where tourists can enjoy boating. It's the best destination to go out with friends. The view of the lake during sunrise, sunset and cloudy day is wonderful."


6. Murthal


"Smooth drive with toll taxes stops along the way. There are many food options at Murthal. Highway conditions are good which enables you to drive comfortably to visit and fro." The first place that visits our mind as it pertains to road travels around Delhi must be Murthal! An extended drive over the busy yet extensive highways of Delhi, as the cool blowing wind caresses you and the stomach is enticed for a gastronomic trip, you understand your destination must be Murthal.


7. Jaipur


"The highway is perfectly maintained and it requires about 4 hours of travel time, without the breaks if you are traveling at a quickness of 60 - 80 kilometres and are not in a rush to attain. The view is quite good and there are many rest stops along the way as well as petrol channels." "I prepared for Delhi to Jaipur drive with friends and it was a great fun by booking a bike on rent in Jaipur. We began early on at around 7 am from Delhi to avoid any traffic in Delhi. As soon as we come to Jaipur highway it was a pleasure to operate a vehicle. I drove the complete trip and it required us around 3 hours 30 minutes to attain the pink city, Jaipur."

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