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Casio is the prime owner and manufacturer of G shock watches which is highly popular among the masses. G shock is elaborated as Gravitational shock. These watches are designed, considering the various prime group such as sports, military and outdoors-activities etc. Most of the G shock watches are digital or combination of digital or analog.

Appreciated around the world

There is no wonder to say that Casio G shock has gain the popularity around the globe at very rapid pace. Moreover, its fancy followers are not just limited to any particular field or segment of people but they comes from all walks of life, which is the best things that describes it immense popularity among the diverse section of people. The world renown pop-star and singer like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber. Usher and so on has already seen wearing this watch. It is enough to endorse its huge popularity among the international celebrity and there can be demonstrate many more example who follow this brand ardently.

Triple 10 development

It was first started in 1983 by a team which literally led by Casio designer Kikuo lbe. The intention  was to create a durable, strong and worry-free sports watch which would be based on triple 10 development concept which is as such:

  • Provide shock resistance to 10 meter drop
  • Provide water resistance up to 10 bar (which is 100 meters)
  • Provide battery life that prolong to 10 years.

Its high profile features are one of the USP of all G shock watches that inspire many to buy these watches. The technology packed features is what makes it the most wanted G shock watches in UK include:

Built to last longer

San doubt, Casio G shock watches are built to emerge tough and durable in the most acrimonious condition. That is why, many at times it is called as indestructible G shock watches. It is one of the company who offers full-proof "triple 10"guarantee which makes it more trustworthy product to buy. It has been built to last not for years but for decades. Unbelievable isn't it?

Wise and worthy investment

It go without saying that, when you buy G shock watches, you will never get disappointed with your decision. You will always get better return of your investment especially when time is money for you. The ultimate features and premium has exciting features like a built-in altimeter, navigating compass, Bluetooth connectivity as well as world time accuracy to 1-2 seconds a month.

Truly adorable

It is needless to mention that G shock is worthy watch not just because you have invested money for it, but also because it adds great style and elegance too. It comes in variety of colors that attract one and all. Baby G series and collection is especially designed for female. fulfilling their aspiration for style, elegance and feminine statement. It delivers different designs also that gives you great option to choose from the selection that suits you the most.


There are several other things which can be describe to define the utility and purpose of owning G shock watches. However in a nutshell, the reason for its popularity is it ability, adaptability and long lasting performance that make this watches accepted and appreciated by all.

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