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What is cloud hosting? Why is it better?

Cloud hosting, also known as clustered hosting it is a web hosting service that is delivered from a network of connected servers.  Cloud hosting delivers a hosting environment for determining the resources that have collected together and delivered on the internet. Cloud hosting is a very reliable, easily manageable and economical hosting solution.

How it Works:

Each server in the cloud hosting assist in carrying out a specific set of tasks and in the failure of any servers in the cloud, another server temporarily gives support as a back-up to render the required resources. The Same thing takes place in case of an overload condition. However, usage of low-quality server hardware can hamper the performance.


Because of the plenty availability of the resources user can expand their business without investing any extra inventory or overhead.

The cloud hosting provider only charges for the used resources. It also offers sudden surges in traffic without paying any extra bandwidth when traffic is slow. In short, its al about usage-based billing.

It offers security, flexibility and better performance. The user can reduce their hardware inventory which leads to less resource consumption and also benefits the environment.

Cloud hosting is the ideal solution for anyone who is involved online or any other business especially those with budget constraint. This in return will help the small business owners to focus on their business growth.

It is a boon to IT professional and it will help them to scale their bandwidth based on the various levels of internet traffic. In case you are looking for Cloud Web Hosting India then do check MilesWeb hosting plans.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 10:31

How to Optimize Your WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms that every user prefer in the market. However, there are some tricks and techniques that are required to run a WordPress website at an optimum speed. Here are some of the essential things that you need to know if you are looking forward to optimizing your WordPress website.

1) Optimize Your Image: Images look perfect for a website and they help to engage the reader, therefore, it is necessary to optimize the image that in return helps to increase the loading speed of the website.

2) Keep up-to-date WordPress Website: WordPress site and plugins you are using gets updated frequently and it is essential to optimize your WordPress website by updating. If you are not updating, then it will hamper your website speed.

3) Use slider plugins that you have been optimized for speed: Slider plugins give an awesome look to your website, but they are coded in the difficult way that results from slow website speed. Therefore, it is suggested to opt for simple plugins that do not require hard coding.

4) Use flexible gallery plugins: In case you are using a photo gallery plugin on your website that too causes slow down on the website. So it is beneficial to opt for the plugins that are optimized well in terms of speed and test them before you implement them on your site.

5) Divide long post into multiple pages: If you are having long post including images, then it will take more time to load the website. If you use the next page tag on your website site then it will divide your post and it will get loaded when user will click on the next page.

I hope you will find this blog beneficial and you will get your WordPress site well optimize to get more traffic. If you are looking for Best WordPress Hosting In India then check MilesWeb hosting!!!



It is obvious questions to the users who are looking for shared hosting. But this is highly controversial and there are reasons for this which affect both the negative sides and positive.

Negative Points:

Very first is the reliability, uptime and performance of the server that totally rely upon the WordPress web hosting behind the reseller. Resellers are doing an effective job in finding a great upstream host.  But, unfortunately, most of the hosting resellers end up being hosted for just a few months on highly overrun servers with the support and performance issue, frequent breakdown and much more. In return gives the bad result to end users.

Another major concern of reseller is knowledge of the reseller hosting. Anyone who is not aware of technical techniques or knowledge, then he started working as a reseller hosting then it becomes tough for users to trust an unlimited web hosting company. Therefore, it is tough for him to provide 24*7 support. They are not ready to outsource and their net outcome is up to a certain level, he starts managing the limited resources and after that, all becomes a mess. Because of this, end users start suffering and reseller loses his credibility.

Positive Points:

Price is affordable for every user. So, if money is the main issue, then the reseller is the best option, to begin with. As your business, expand you can easily switch to another provider. Remember that not everyone follows the same budget pattern, therefore, some may opt for other option.

Reseller creates a close relationship with their clients, this in return gives a better idea of client requirements. However, there are many reasons which make reseller hosting more preferable.

I hope this article will help you know more about reseller hosting and if you are looking for Cheap Reseller Web Hosting India than check MilesWeb plans.

Thursday, 16 March 2017 08:00

LMS Systems: The World of Education

We are aware that technology is progressing every second and people are taking advantage of it for learning purposes that are the best they can get out of it in terms of growing. Students interact with their teachers with the help of these online platforms, however, it is easy for students to interact with their teachers and vice versa.  There is many functions available online learning management system that aid this purpose. If you opt for a corporate LMS system, then you can take benefit.

How an LMS system can benefit your organization:

1) LMS permit people with little geographical mobility to learn from their own homes. It also gives the employees a chance to easily access their accounts from anywhere that is beneficial for an organization.

2) User learns more about social media platforms with the help of LMS. They can use Facebook and Twitter for interaction and this, in turn, increases the student's circle.

3) Research has shown that students show more interest in education when they are forced, that is why engaged in learning is quite successful.  Students can control their own progress and speed, thus feeling like they are making their own decisions while meeting the teacher's deadlines.

4) LMS can record and report in detail like for e.g., who look the training courses and how well they learned. However, LMS makes the audit of organization for ISO or other requirements a simpler, easier and less stressful exercise.

This is the reason why almost every company is adopting the LMS. It is true that not all learning systems are not equal, therefore it is essential to look for a vendor that really understand your requirement and provide you with the solution. In case you are looking for a Best Moodle Hosting provider then check MilesWeb.

Thursday, 23 February 2017 07:42

Shared Web hosting

Shared web hosting is very popular in today’s online world. There are multiple options for shared web hosting providers that are beneficial for personal blogging and business websites.  In shared web hosting, a single server is shared by multiple websites. Each website is allocated on a separate place on the server and similar thing is that each website shares the common resources like storage space, a server connected CPU and data transfer, etc.


1) Linux - based web hosting

2) Windows – based web hosting


1) Investment of small business owners is not enough to buy a hosting server for the website. Shared hosting makes possible for every small business owner to buy a server to host their web pages. However, the fastest web hosting helps them to get a stronger online presence.

2) Those are starting their websites on the initial stage, then a Linux based shared hosting services are the ultimate solution, to begin with. This type of hosting is preferable for blogging and it will increase the amount of server disk space according to their requirement.

3) In case, you are running a big business and looking for the great presence on the internet then Linux hosting is a perfect solution.

4) When you run a server there is no need of technical maintenance on the server. However, it is the very cheap option for any business owner.


In short, shared hosting is perfect for those who are looking to design their first website. Last but not least, it is advisable that you must choose a reliable hosting provider. If you are looking for Shared Hosting India then check MilesWeb plans and kick start your business.

Monday, 09 January 2017 10:30

Top 5 reasons to opt for VPS Hosting

Virtual private servers (VPS) give the clients complex advantage as compared with the rest of the hosting platforms as far as launching and support of a functional website. The advantages of the private web hosting environment is that it offers the website proprietors with tons of benefits like enhanced security, dependable hosting resources and adaptability. Here are 5 reasons why you ought to go for VPS Hosting.

1. Secured Server System: VPS is likely one of the secure hosting platform instantly accessible. Like the rest of the web hosting environment like as the shared hosting, clients don't share their server space. Or maybe clients share their resources of the single physical server between various virtual servers. Clients have world-class access to the personal records and install programs. Protection and the security highlights keep the potential hacker attacks and any kind of unlawful access to vulnerable data. The large business owners have a tendency to go for VPS over the rest of the hosting platform basically attributable to the extra security that it offers while handling and storing data.

2. Monetarily Feasible: Entrepreneurs are required to fix their money related costs at whatever point conceivable. They consider VPS as a cost effective web hosting service. In spite of the fact that there is a generally misguided judgment that the VPS is a costly web hosting service, the genuine truth is that the essential VPS plan with the basic (much required) features expected to dispatch and deal with a website is nearly sensibly evaluated particularly for those who are on tight spending plan. VPS won’t bother with clients to buy or keep up the required physical server hardware, in the long run, spares operational expenses.

3. Adaptable in Nature: Shared hosting offers restricts the users while making attempts to install scripting platforms that is not supported by web hosts, VPS platform moves the authority of the customized installation to the users by means of approving to the root access. Also, clients don't need to limit themselves to the fundamental components offered by the shared hosting. Or maybe, the clients have the flexibility to install programs of their preference.

4. Catering multiple hosting Needs: VPS hosting is an incredible method for meeting the prerequisites of another hosting requirement. It is an ideal solution for file storage in addition to hosting of email servers and the FTP servers. VPS hosting plans support adequate resources with a view to supporting and manage multiple websites, making it a beneficial speculation for the new business.

5. Ensure Quality: Website owners have a tendency to go for VPS, as they scarcely need to compromise the nature of the services offered in dealing with a website. This is because the shared hosting resource is not shared in VPS.

Linux KVM VPS Hosting is a good decision to save money and appreciate the execution of webmasters.



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