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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 09:32

Purity of a different level with Kangen water filter system

Written by  Sudesh Malik
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Any student of chemistry will state that water should have the neutral pH value of 7. Anything below 7 can make the water acidic whereas any value above 7 makes it alkaline. However, is it really possible to have water at pH value of 7 in today’s circumstances? Considering the level of impurities in the form of TDS, industrial and human wastes, it is impossible to have tap water at pH level of 7. This is why you require water purifying systems to make the tap water potable. One such modern water purifying system is the Kangen water filter system.

This water purifying system works on the basis of electrolysis of water wherein it separates the oxygen and hydrogen molecules from tap water. This highly ionized water ranges from highly acidic to highly alkaline. In between you have the pure water as well having pH value of 7. The system infuses an extra molecule of hydrogen. This breaks up the globules of water molecules to create smaller cluster of water molecules thereby allowing them to penetrate the cell walls better. Hence, you feel a different level of hydration that would not be possible with the normal water molecules.

These are advanced water purification systems and hence the Kangen water filter price is more than what you experience for the other water purifiers. The basic function of this water filter system is to bring in a higher level of purification whereby you get five different types of water from a single machine at the touch of a button. In case you require the purest form of water for medicinal and pediatric use, you have access to water with pH value equal to 7. The slightly alkaline water in the range of pH values 8.5 to 9.5 is perfect for drinking and cooking. The heavily alkaline water is great for cleaning and removal of stains. The slightly acidic water in the pH value range of 4 to 6 is known for its acidic qualities. The highly acidic water with pH range below 2.7 is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing. 

Thus, you have five different types of water from a single machine. The best part of this machine is that it does not waste any water at all. The RO and UV system purify water, but waste a lot of water in the process. This Kangen water filter system makes use of this waste water as well and converts them to acidic or alkaline water for uses other than consumption.

The system is such that it brings the water back to its original purity. This is the literal meaning of the Japanese word, ‘Kangen’.  You have wide applications for Kangen water in homes, industries, commercial establishments, hospitals and various other places. 

Many people have negative thoughts about Kangen water stating that it is not good for health. However, it is not so. You need a bit of alkalinity to cure acidity problems, primarily acid reflux. There are other medicinal benefits as well. We shall discuss them in a subsequent blog.

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