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Bike tour can take you almost everywhere across the globe and is one of the best ways to explore a new place. Discover some tips before you start a bike tour.

The real beauty of cycling tours is that they can take you to all sorts of spectacular places, and there is absolutely no better way to see a place than from the saddle of a bike. It’s faster than walking, so you can cover dozens of miles, yet you’re still immersed in the elements, so you can feel, hear, see, and smell your surroundings, be they crashing ocean waves, fields of wildflowers, tall pines, or red rock canyons.

Here are some steps to start a bike tour:

What type of bike interests you?

The first thing to consider when deciding to start a bike tour is what type of bike you want to take. Bike touring covers a huge spectrum, from the “pick-a-route”, “grab-a-friend-or-two”, and “pack-and-carry-all-your-stuff-and-go” variety to the kind where you plunk down your credit card to have everything but the actual pedaling handled for you. You just have to ask yourself a few more key questions.

Where do you want to go?

Want to go somewhere exotic you’ve never been and where nobody speaks your language? It might be better to find a guided, supported tour. Want to explore some popular destinations in Europe? It’s pretty easy to do it yourself or with a small group. There are various cycling associations that can be approached to make French Alps Cycling Tours more fun and easy.

How much gear are you willing to carry?

This is a biggie. If you and your friends are doing this on your own, that means you’ll have to carry something you need – tools for bike repairs, rain gear, and maybe camping gear. It’s a lot of stuff that all requires packs and panniers. Credit card touring can help to reduce the load. If you prefer to carry nothing but your phone and may be a vest, a supported tour is a way to go.

What’s your ultimate priority?

If you decide on a guided tour, know what your priority is before you pick one. Some concentrate on low mileage on the bike to give you a chance to do other sightseeing for the bulk of the day. Other cycling tours are very ride-focused, so you will be on the bike most of the day. All types can be amazing. It’s just a matter of picking the one that’s right for your priorities.

Do you also prefer to bike independently? Self guided bike tours are what you need to opt for. You will travel at your own pace, without a support van or a guide. Here are a few key reasons why such bike tours are a smart choice.


“How much is this going to cost?” is one of the key questions for a lot of people. Depending on several things such as the duration of the trip and the level of accommodations, the prices of a tour vary. On an average, self-guided tours start from around $1,200 per person and can go up to $3,000 per person. Of course, you can travel for a lot less if you go self-contained, but remember you will have to do it all, and that might even include pitching a tent.

Off The Beaten Path

The majority of self-guided tours are designed with a specific theme in mind. For instance: riding along routes of great historical significance. Every route is comprehensively researched and ridden every year by numerous bike enthusiasts from across the globe. Moreover, the routes can even be planned accordingly so you will have enough time to savor small towns and villages along the way and enjoy interacting with the locals.


A lot of bike tourists worldwide, often prefer choosing pre-planned itineraries for self guided bike tours. In addition, those can further be tailored to suit any particular requirements. You have the flexibility to choose the type of hotel to fit your budget. And, unlike guided trips with pre-defined dates for departure, there is the possibility of the operator canceling a tour because of low participation. Self-guided tours can only be canceled only by you.

Family Friendly

Even though most of the cycling tours welcome children too, however, kids under the age of 10 may need some special equipment, including child tandems or trailers. In such cases, the parents are always advised to have some prior experience with such equipment. And, researching about the route in advance will certainly help to determine whether the route is suitable for kids, as there are several routes and activities that are not interesting for kids.

Prior to going for a self-guide cycling tour, do not miss to do your homework to research about the most suitable route, night stays, accommodation and destinations to explore.

One of the most challenging things about tour de France bike tours is to come up with a safe and enjoyable route. This quick reference guide will certainly help to plan a cycling tour.

Type of bike – It is important to rent a bike that best suits the terrain as well as your interests. Even through every bike is customized for different terrains, however, you must check out with the bike rental companies for the same. Adjust the seat position and height, and handlebars according to your comfort.

Guidebook/Maps – The guidebooks provide you with the detailed map of any area and it is one of the easiest ways to plan a tour de France bike tours . There are several locations, where bike touring is popular. Because of the popularity of such routes, there are various guidebooks available about cycling at different locations offering several prominent insights to the ones who are planning the bicycle expedition. These guidebooks are very versatile as they offer comprehensively detailed directions, important GPS coordinates, information on eating and resting hubs along the way. Moreover, they also incorporate information on the type of gear and equipment required to carry.

Weather – Before planning a bike tour, make sure to explore the internet to check out the prevailing the climatic conditions of any specific destination you are planning for so as to avoid hassles during the tour. This way you can pack the essential items accordingly and will experience the best of the cycling vacations.

Deciding the place – This is one of the crucial things to do while planning a bike tour. Choose a destination that interests you the most. Tour de France bike tours offer a plethora of destinations to explore. You can even get confused about deciding on a specific destination as most of the places are known for immaculate scenic beauty and wonderful terrains to paddle through without any hassles.

Lodging – It is necessary to book the lodging prior heading for a bike tour so as to avoid last minute hassles. During the peak season, most of the hotels are already booked. Therefore, booking in advance is a smart choice. In addition, one can even consider carrying a tent and a sleeping bag while going for a cycling tour in France.


Any accident or crash on the road can happen to anybody, anytime whether it is a bike tour in Italy or a long drive. Numerous times, even the safest cyclists end up in a crash with motorists. This guide will get you acquainted with how to tackle the situation during an untoward incident while on a cycling tour.

Numerous cyclists tend to leave the scene of a crash feeling they have not been injured. No matter how well you feel, stay at the site as there might be injuries you are not aware of yet. In addition, you will not want to be blamed for the incident after leaving the scene.

While during the bike tours Italy, just call the police if you were involved in a crash with a  motorist, to start an accident report and gather evidence on the scene. You should not leave the scene without having a word with the local police, no matter you are not injured or even if it was your fault throughout.

Although it all seems like too often, but the police will only take the statement of the motorist and write the crash off as an “accident”. Ensure to reach the police yourself and narrate precisely about the incident comprehensively. If possible, do not miss to ask for the contact information of probably the business card of the police officers at the scene.

Do not just ask for the motorist’s contact information, but get the contact numbers of the motorist’s insurance company as well in case you need to file the claim for any medical bills or need to recover the costs of the bicycle.

Make sure to ask the police officer at the scene to record the statement of every witness available. This will certainly help to get more clear picture of the crash comprehensively.

No matter how well you feel there might be some internal injuries. To assure everything is well, go to the hospital as soon as possible and get it checked in detail. In the case of any injury, assure to get it documented. Keep records of medical bills and transportation costs incurred

There is a plenty of concern about how much it is all going to cost for cycling tours tour de France. Even though there are a lot of people worldwide who are discovering the joys of pedal-powered travel, however, there is still a confusion about what actually is “essential” to pull off for a successful trip, as opposed to what exactly is “nice”. And, Well, the trust is that there are three key issues at work here. Let us now check them out briefly.

There is actually no standard recipe for the “perfect” bike touring setup – Every person naturally wants to know, quickly and unambiguously, what’s the obvious go-to stuff of gear is. It is normal in the age of comparison sites, “likes” and user reviews. However, the truth is that what is the “best” is something only you can explore, just for the reason that cycling gives you so much freedom to do things at your own pace and the way you want.

Adventure cycle touring is still a small niche – It adds in the cycling and outdoor gear, however, is a long way from the mainstream of either of them. There is a plenty of reasonably priced, well-built equipment available out there so as to fit every type of bike tour, not only in France, but all across the globe. But, a lot of people simply can expect to walk into a single shop and explore it all in just a single place itself, without browsing any other shop in the market.

Too many high profile bicycle “adventurers” want you to do things “their” way – There are a number of cycle tours available that are sponsored heavily, and are well and good. However, the way in which they are equipped and financed, is irrelevant to most of the cycle tourists. It might be due to the reason that their budgets and priorities bear little similarity to the ones of these “expeditions”.

However, if you approach a licensed and experienced service provider offering one of the best cycling tours tour de France, it will definitely cut through the confusion and assist you in the decisions to buy the right gear that is absolutely relevant to you and the tour.

Most of the bicycle vacationers opt for riding armed with notes and maps, and recording the GPS route along the way, which is an ideal process. With the right tools, it is possible to never record a GPS track, which is not always feasible. So, it is worth getting it recorded the other way. However, there are various online applications for that let you create a route, load it on the Smartphone and set off the bicycle vacations Europe.

Ride With GPS

It is one of the most prominent applications amongst bicycle vacationers, not only in Europe, but worldwide. It displays a significant number of cycle routes, hiking paths, rail trails, single-track networks and a lot more. This application helps to draw a route with the Follow Roads tool that can trace the paths, including single-track. Moreover, it has the ability to add Points of Interest (POIs) through which waypoints can be categorized as Camping, Convenience Store and a lot more.

BikeMap is yet another promising bike tour planning tool designed elegantly. The basemaps in the application is really good and consist of OSM Cycle. There are numerous features of this application that are absolutely effortless to use even by novice vacationers. Now matter, it also encompasses multiple track stitching like RIdeWithGPS, however, POI icon is limited with only a few categories like Photo, Shop, Water, or Hotel.

Google Earth

It is a really powerful tool to plan bicycle tours in Europe. And, when it comes to plan off-grid adventures, Google Earth simply work wonders. With its interactive and incredibly sharp imagery, it can be used to research a proposed area, checking out the lay of the land and expected terrain. This tool is often used to instantly create a rough KML file of an intended journey, prior to uploading sit to the device. It is a must have tool in your Smartphone for a cycling vacation.


Last but not the least. TopoFusion is a wonderfully designed planning tool that features drawing, cutting and splicing, and allows to switch between multiple sources of aerial and Topo maps, letting you confirm the existence of road or trail from different maps, increasing cross-referencing and confidence. Unluckily, this tool is limited to Windows users only.

Although it is more than possible to have an amazing experience on great trails and terrain alone, however, sometimes routes beg to integrate something more. Often the theme is what initiated the itinerary in the first place, like a route that takes in the best breweries and trails of an area, the most interesting way to cross a specific region, or tour of a collection of peaks. Other times, it is just a matter of peppering in punctuation to give the itinerary some flow.

Timing is Everything

For French Alps cycling tours, the weather is a crucial factor to consider. There are several places in Europe that are impossible to explore during monsoon and snow routes need a good winter to explore. Moreover, consider events. For more exploration, the extra long days really count. In addition, time your cycling tour based on natural occurrences, like the spring show of flowers in the desert.

Watch the Geography

Natural wonder and land are what sometimes fascinates one to a particular place. Other times, it is gazing at a topographical map and locating an anomaly that beckons for some or the other reason. Prior you finalize on any specific place in Europe, do not hesitate to spend some time to research on its geography to get the most of the cycling tour.

Add Historical Intrigue

Bicycle tours offer you with a wonderful chance to dig deeper into the lands, without any hassles. So, sharing their past can be as interesting as experiencing them in the present. A historical context to the cycle tour of any place in Europe can permeate it with a textual, rich depth that simply goes far beyond the simple thrill of a physical adventure.

Design it Around Place of Interest

It is always a worthy approach to design the bicycle touring route on particular stops or sites. What do you think of swimming holes, hot springs, scenic viewpoints, historical landmarks, or breweries? Remember, there are times when the crown jewel of a good cycle tour route is a campsite with an interesting natural feature, a fishing hole, or a wonderful view.

Remember, to experience the best of French Alps cycling tours, assure to plan comprehensively well ahead hitting the road to paddle through. In addition, you can even ask a bike tour service provider for some tips.

Slovenia is one of the best places to be explored through bike tours and to make it the most wonderful vacation, it is always recommended to pack the right stuff. Here are some packing guidelines to get the most of the cycling tour.

On The Bike

- Shoes make the outfit – Get an appropriate pair of comfortable cycling shoes.

- Ensemble – The kit for cycling tours Slovenia is incomplete without the traveling jersey, socks and shorts.

- Accessories for success – Gear up with a helmet, gloves, a road ID bracelet and a pair of sunglasses.

- Keep Hydrated – Keep the water bottle filled and keep hydrated tablets close by.

- No bonking allowed – The back pocket should be used to fill with some light snacks only.

It is advised to gear up for all weather conditions, whether it is about staying warm or keeping cool. Always pack a lot of layers like a synthetic shirt to wear under a vest, jacket or windbreaker and avoid cotton fabrics while exercising as the absorbent qualities put off wicking and insulate poorly when wet.

Off The Bike

- Camera & Lenses – Always carry a camera along, however, prevent taking those long, bulky lenses along the bike tour.

- Easy Clothing – Prefer carrying wrinkle free outfit and the essentials only that will certainly help to smoothen your cycling vacation in Slovenia.

- Extras – Carry a wine bottle to chill out and recall the experience with your cycling comrades during the night time.

- Sensible – Pack a right pair of comfortable shoes when you are not riding.

For men, it may be anything you would like to wear for an afternoon at the country club, be it a polo shirt, collared shirt, jeans, dress pants or khaki pants, everything is acceptable. For women, this is anything you might wear for a night out on the town or to work. Patterned elegant tops, dress pants, dresses or skirts, everything is good enough for cycling tours in Slovenia.

But, if the bike tour is categorized as Explorer and Avid, Ride Camp or Mountain Bike, the dinner attire is casual. Keep in mind, in comparison to the US, the casual attire in Europe is typically more formal.

Friday, 06 January 2017 06:48

Lightweight Packing Tips For Bicycle Tour

A lot of people wonder about carrying things along when they wish to opt for a cycle tour to any place in Europe. It is always recommended to be prepared and as comfortable as possible throughout each day of the vacation. Here are a few proven lightweight packing tips that will certainly let you experience the best all the way through your cycling vacation.

Lighter Gear – Investing in a couple of items is good, but investing in the right ones will unquestionably help to shave off weight. Rather than opting for the bulky cotton sleeping bag get a silk sleeping bag liner. Carrying Platypus wine holder will get you rid of carrying a glass bottle around, which can be used as a water bottle when not filled with wine.

Less Clothing – When opting for bicycle tours in Spain, it is not important to carry all your fancy clothing along as you will not be wearing them all throughout the tour. So, find out what you would realistically wear and get rid of carrying that extra weight along.

No Extra Food – Stocking up the food to carry is not a really good idea. Simply consider taking a few emergency snacks as you will get a plenty of time to stop at local bakeries and eateries to overcome your hunger crunch. Moreover, this will give you a wonderful reason to experience the local food as well.

Not As Many Bike Tools – Consider carrying the bike tools as minimum as possible because you will rarely be far from a bike shop throughout the cycling tour. And, moreover, mull over getting a bike in good shape so that the chances of a breakdown are really on the lower side. It will result in slicing up the weight of your luggage and keep you comfortable all the way.

Fewer Frills – Your packing list should not comprise of a much of comforts to carry along, especially if you are heading for a shorter cycle tour. You can consider taking along things like a folding bowl to help with doing dishes and laundry, a shortwave radio and camping chairs.

Considering all these aforementioned lightweight packing tips will definitely help to keep you comfortable throughout bicycle tours Spain or anywhere else in Europe.

Thursday, 24 November 2016 11:49

Italian Cycling Tour Destinations

Italy is a very popular bicycling destination mainly because of the beauty of its vast landscape food and wine. With some of the world's best food, stunning scenery and a rich cycling heritage, it is a perfect destination to plan a cycling holiday. There is much to explore on two wheels. There are many well known and beautiful destinations  in Italy, such as Tuscany, the coastal regions of Puglia, Sicily, Umbria, and the great alpine panorama of the Dolomites.  Italy is a great cycling country. Whether you want to test your stamina on challenging routes or merely enjoy European vineyards, Italy have something to offer for everyone.

Best time to visit Italy: Try to avoid high summer when the Italian sun is at its fiercest. April through to the end of June and September to October are the best times for cycling in Italy.

The Italy has got its unique culture, art and history that just astounds the visitors.  All this makes Italy a glorious and perfect place to spend a cycling vacation. Road cycling in Italy is enjoyed by everyone. You can go to Puglia, in the southwest of the country for cycling. You can enjoy silent roads, tempting vineyards, breathtaking towns.

Planning your Cycling Tours Italy guarantees you a memorable cycling experience. The Italian countryside offers a complete range of cultural and adventure options while enjoying the typical bicycle routes and journey in Italy. These tours are designed and planned to fit the interests of people ages of all the participants if you are able to select not only the right tour operator, but also the best geographic area of Italy that caters to your specific desires.

Putting it all together: The best way to discover the magic of Italy is by bicycling through it. Its traditions, local Culture, food, rural landscapes and the natives come to life, when you slow down and observe the details on a bicycle tour. On a cycling vacation to Italy, you get the chance to ride through quiet, forest roads and climb challenging road elevations. Italy is famous for its delicious food and local cuisine. At the end of the each day you can have a delicious meal of local food specialties. You must plan a cycling vacation to Italy  to experience some of the hidden corners of the region.

By planning a Cycling Tours Italy you can experience Europen and Italian landscape in a completely new way. You get to experience bustling urban areas, as well as the quaint and hidden villages.  This form of traveling is perfect for curious, open-minded adventurers and nature lovers.


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