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Choosing the right person to perform the task is one of the biggest obstacles that every homeowner faces while locating to replace or fix the roofs. Here are the top things that all professional and licensed roofers Austin will share with their customers to showcase their company’s reputation and trustworthiness to protect their home as well as the wallet.

Local referrals – There are rare chances of potential scams or issues when a contractor is chosen from the community. They are always acquainted with the local rules and code regulations and even have a professional relationship with various suppliers and crews in the area.

Extensive warranty – Not every contractor offers manufacturer warranty, including coverage of the contractor’s workmanship. If the roof is installed adequately, it may last for years to show up any damages. So, opt for the contractors offering long warranties in the market.

No pressure – Watch out for a contractor who pressures you to sign a contract before the insurance company has estimated the damage. However, the homeowners need to make sure it is not just any amount, but the right amount to fix the roofing issues.

Handle insurance claim – A roofing contractor saying “A Claim Specialist” or can “handle your insurance claim” may probably be breaking the law. Remember, it is unlawful for contractors to act on behalf of the homeowner when negotiating an insurance claim.

Pay the deductible – Any roofing contractor who states handling the repair without having the homeowner to pay for the insurance deductible is committing insurance fraud and endangering the homeowner legitimately. Remember, the insured is liable for the insurance deductible.

Know the material choice – A contractor not offering multiple shingle options is not bothered about the best interest of the homeowners. The resale value of the home is affected by the color and style of the shingles. If the insurance company is paying for a new roof, it is an ideal time to change and upgrade to an exclusive style.

Safety concerns – It is not worth taking up the services of roofers in Austin without a training or safety program. Do not forget to ask for the certifications of the contractor as well as the team members

No matter it is residential or commercial premises, roof collapse may lead to some serious disasters. A business can shut down for weeks and even months, not to mention the potential danger of injury or death for the people working and the other occupants of the building. People usually tend to ignore the roof until something serious happens, which is really dangerous.

One must consider a regular maintenance schedule by taking up specialized services of certified Austin roofers and ensure to keep the roof in top-notch condition throughout. Avoiding a roof collapse is not only economical and much easier than dealing with the aftermath. Here are a few promising tips that will certainly help people to circumvent a roof collapse.

Avoid Snow Buildup – Buildup of snow can add to a roof’s load, thus increasing the chances of roof collapse due to the additional weight. It is an expense that no homeowner would want to take on. Moreover, when it’s freezing cold and snow, no person would like to be on a roof to eliminate snow, however, unless the roof is designed particularly to handle that additional weight. So, begin removing snow in the areas with uneven accumulations or the heaviest drifts.

Keep Drain Clear – It’s not only snow, but rain can also be a cause of roof collapse. Water ponds in low spots on the roof during heavy rains, resulting in roof collapse due to overweight. Moreover, it can even cause deterioration, which amplifies the likelihood of considerable structural damage. Thoroughly cleaned and unhindered drains contribute significantly to circumvent roof collapse. Make sure to clean the drains properly after every storm.

Regular Maintenance – One must consider approaching certified Austin roofers for regular inspections and maintenance. Issues that may lead to roof collapse can be scrutinized and resolved with timely assessments by professionals. There might be an overhanging tree branch that can fall into and puncture the roof membrane, resulting in permitting water to seep in, eventually causing rot and weakening the roof. Routine inspection can help to avoid it.

Thursday, 24 November 2016 13:00

How to Prevent Roof Damage?

Your roof is your defense against invaders. Protecting your roof is critical for the longevity of your house. External elements like water, snow, ice, mold and mildew are all enemies of your roof. The best preventative maintenance you should do is inspect your roof with every changing season, by calling a professional roofer. Preventative maintenance saves money and gives you a longer roof service life.

Follow below Tips to maintain your Roof:

1. Inspect your roof seasonally for debris, moss, mold, damaged tiles or shingles, and damaged or clogged gutters.

2. Any build up of leaves and pine needles deep enough to hold moisture on the roof will need to be removed. Debris not only traps moisture, but also causes mildew to form underneath. It interrupts the flow of water off the roof and can block the gutters.

3. Trim hanging trees to allow sunlight to reach the roof. This will also reduce moisture and mildew problems, and will reduce the amount of debris that builds up.

4. To prevent moss buildup, you can consider nailing zinc strips to the ridge line. Rain that washes over the zinc creates zinc oxide, which will kill most moss it washes over. Copper strips are also effective and last longer. Install copper strips under the ridge shingles, exposed to the weather.

5. Check that gutters are not clogged leaves and debris. Make sure they are draining properly. Look for cracks, open seams, or sags where the gutter has pulled away from the roof.

6. Look for missing or damaged shingles, tiles or slates. Also check for missing nails.

7. Remember to check the downspouts and drains for damage, leaks or clogging. For flat roofs, you need a drainage system that handles water well. It should be in working order at all times. Check to make sure water is not collecting anywhere.

8. While inspecting your roof, don’t forget your chimney. If mortar is breaking downthat means moisture could be getting in. Most repairs to these parts of the chimney require a professional.

9. Check your gutters periodically throughout the winter and keep them clear of debris.

10. Flashing in anywhere in the plane of your roof is interrupted. Check for Loose flashing or flashing with holes in it. If you find loose flashing, you must call a professional Roofing Company Austin.

11. Don’t allow the Buildup of heavy snow on the roof as it can cause ice dams, and the weight can damage roofs, gutters, and downspouts.

Roofing maintenance is important for avoiding any kind of leak or damage to your property. There are many roofing companies available today. Make sure to choose the most ideal roofing company for your roof inspection and maintenance.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 08:01

Qualities of a Professional Roofer


Roof damage if not fixed on time can lead to major problems, such as rotted framing, sheathing, destroyed insulation and damaged ceilings. There could be a number of reasons behind roofing damage, from storm to shingle decay. Therefore, roof maintenance is important for avoiding any kind of leak or damage to your property.

There are many roofing companies available today. Each one claims to be professional, offering outstanding services. Therefore, selecting a roofing company wisely is very important. Roof scams by unlicensed roofing contractors can leave a homeowner out of money and an unrepaired roof.

The following are important characteristics that any professional roofing company should have:

1. Contractor License: Before hiring any roofing contractor, request to see the company’s contractor license. Some states require contractors to be registered as a home improvement contractor while others just require a state contractor’s license. You should research the licensing requirement of your area, most states and municipalities have the information readily available on the internet.

2. Complete Insurance Coverage: Poorly installed roof and improper workmanship are the major reasons of homeowner to experience a roofing damage. Before approaching contractors, ask about their insurance coverage. A qualified roofing contractor will provide insurance coverage to protect your home, equipment and own employees who are involved. It is suggested that you request a copy of their insurance certificate before you signing any contract.

3. Check through BBB: You will find a detailed evaluation on contractor with the Better Business Bureau. Find out what criticism they have received weather good or bad. You can also ask for references of past work from the contractor.

4. Manufacturer’s Warranty and certification: Most roofing manufacturers offer warranty for their products. At times, they offer warranty services for the system being installed on your residence. Before executing any contract with a professional Commercial Roofers Austin, you must request the manufacturer warranty for the product and system being installed. Review properly the warranty offered and confirms that the warranty provides adequate protection.

It is also essential to check your roofing installers to be certified to avail product warranty. Request your contractors to provide copies of manufacturer certifications for their proposed roofing system.

5. Building Permits: In certain areas, building permits are required for the replacement of a roofing system. For this reason, the contractor is required to be registered with the local municipality. In addition, the contractor should synchronize with the building code inspections of the area too.

By addressing these key elements, you can select a professional Roofers Austin and can have a safe and successful new roof system installation.

Friday, 12 August 2016 11:58

Tips for Selecting a Roofing Contractor

A roof is in all probability one of the most critical parts of a part of your property. Regardless of whether it leaks, has ineffective insulation or is damaged in less obvious ways, it is essential to repair it to avoid higher insurance costs and electric or gas bills. In the event the issue is left untreated, it could result in water damage within your floors and walls and require extensive repairs. Roof repairs are particularly widespread following big rain or hailstorms. It's a very good practice to schedule a roof inspection at least every 2-3 years, and also following storm season, even if your roof appears to have no issues. Listed below are some factors you ought to consider prior to hiring a roofer.

Ask for Referrals

The ideal method to make sure you are hiring a reputable Austin roofers company is always to ask your coworkers, family and friends for references. If they have employed a roofer and have been happy with their work, it is likely you'll also be satisfied with their work.

Collect Multiple Estimates and Check References

Additionally, it is best to get several estimates to confirm whether or not a contractor is overcharging you. Even so, do not just pick the contractor who gives you the lowest estimate. Be sure the estimate incorporates labor, supplies, as well as the time it is going to take to finish the project. Moreover, as soon as you have received estimates, ask all the roofing companies who submitted estimates to provide references. Get in touch with these individuals and ask them if they were satisfied with the roofer's service. Have they been happy long term with the quality of the work? Did the roofer operate in accordance with the agreed upon schedule? Have there been there any issues afterwards, and in that case, did the roofer resolve them to their satisfaction?

Review Licenses and Permits

When you have decided which roofing contractor Austin to use, make certain he has permits for the project, and that he's licensed (if this applies in your state) and insured. Ask to review these documents, and make certain they are valid for your city and state. Also go over warranties. How long would the roof repair be covered by warranty? What type of damage is included? Does the coverage incorporate labor? Be certain you have an understanding of the warranty prior to signing it.

Have a Signed Contract

Prior to your roofer starting to work on your roof and before you transfer any funds to them, ensure you've received a signed contract which spells out facts precisely what work is going to be performed, how long it is going to take, and also the fees involved if they run over schedule. The contract ought to include things like the labor, materials, cleanup and any other elements of your agreement. If any verbal agreements are made after you have a signed contract, add them as amendments to it.

The roof a building is the most exposed part under different weather conditions. It is thus prone to moisture formation due to rain and snow, and formation of cracks due to extreme heat.

Infrared roof inspection is a unique method which is highly accurate in detecting roof problems such as, trapped moisture and store damage that can’t be seen with naked eye. This inspection method requires specialized sensors and infrared scanning devices which helps experts in drawing up a comprehensive roof evaluation report.

How does IR roof inspection work?

As the sun shines throughout the day, it radiates energy on roofs and other various objects on the earth. This energy also pierces into the roof substrate. As the night falls, this energy is radiated back into the cooler atmosphere. This phenomenon is termed as ‘radiational cooling’ by the experts.

The area of a roof which has wet or damp insulation retains heat for a longer period of time. Whereas, the dry area of the roof radiates energy over an average time period. The wet area is termed as higher mass area and the dry area as lower mass area.

Renowned Roofing Contractors Austin uses infrared scanning cameras which can gather the temperature signals of the entire roof and find the lower mass and higher mass areas. As these cameras are handheld, they can easily be used. The infrared images clearly show the uneven heat dissipation from the roof, thus giving a clear view of the troubled areas. Once the problem is detected, you can proceed with repairs without replacing the entire roof. When you should go for infrared roof inspection services?

If you have just hired roofers Austin to provide you with a new roofing system, you might want to check that the quality of the job is verified using IR inspection techniques. Alternatively, if you are planning to buy new property, you must go for comprehensive IR inspection and evaluation to establish the existing condition of the roof and roofing components.

Leaks and moisture accumulation within in the roofing assembly are other instances which are included. IR inspection can verify and check the extent of the problem before you address it.

Who should use IR inspection?

In general, infrared roof inspection can be used by anyone who needs to check the problems associated with roofs in a commercial, residential or other slope roofing applications. An IR inspection can be of great help to home buyers, home builders, contractors and renovators.


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