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Thursday, 22 June 2017 10:27

Top 10 Lehenga Choli designs!

Written by Aalia Bisht

Lehenga is the one attire that women love to wear. They literally wait for weddings and different occasions when they can jazz up in pretty lehengas. Women expect to look the best and grab all eyes on them at the wedding or any festival. The best part about Lehenga Choli is it is not only limited to weddings and functions but now women have started wearing them in puja, anniversaries and even on family parties. It is because the trends have changed a lot. Now you can find variety of designs, patterns and styles of lehenga choli online for shopping. The intricate designs and patterns make women look spectacular for a special occasion.

Here is a small list of types of Lehengas that you can wear in different occasions and be the best out of the rest:

1. 1.Mermaid/fishtail Lehenga: This lehenga proffers a look similar to a fish or a mermaid. It is tight at the knees and flared from the calves. It looks great on women with rectangular body shape. You can easily buy this lehenga online in different colors and designs. Amazing option for a wedding.

2. 2.Circular/ Flared Lehenga: This is a very old and traditional lehenga which forms a complete circle at the hem. It has many pleats in it which makes it a flared lehenga and makes it voluminous. If you are planning to get a lehenga like this tailored then choose a fabric properly in which you can get number of pleats. Keep it simple and elegant and with no or minimal embroidery.

3. 3A-Line Lehenga: This type of Lehenga forms an A- line on the hem. It is slightly tight at the waist which flares out in the bottom. But, you will find few numbers of pleats in this lehenga. If you have any anniversaries coming up soon in the family. You can choose this one and look your best with minimal makeup and accessories.

4. 4.Straight Cut Lehenga: The skirt of this lehenga is straight and flows by the curves of your body. The major thing that differentiates it with other lehengas is it doesn’t have flares in it. There are no pleats in it and is the best lehenga that suits every body type.

5. 5.Panelled Lehenga: You will find horizontal panels of fabrics in this lehenga which are attached to the length of lehenga. The panels that are attached can be same or different. These lehengas are generally made with heavy embellishments, embroidery and zari work which make them perfect for wedding functions. You can easily buy this latest style lehenga online.

6. 6.Sharara Cut Lehenga: Many lehenga designs and styles may come and go but this style has always been there. These lehengas are stitched from the middle of the hem similar to a palazzo but it looks like lehenga when worn. It is teamed up with a long kurti and generally worn by Muslim brides. It suits all body types and proffers a graceful look.

7. 7.Layered Lehenga: This type of Lehenga comes with multiple layers on a base skirt. You can get as much layers as you want in this type of Lehenga. It looks superb on occasions like cocktail or even on wedding receptions. Club it with long danglers and you are ready to rock the party.


Spending a holiday while on water is something that most people can’t resist. Also, owning a boat or yacht is a pleasurable experience. But to make the entire experience even more pleasurable, it is essential to have appropriate marine electronics in the boat or yacht. Such electronics will ensure that you have fun, feel comfortable and safe while on water. Lowrance produces different electronics that will definitely satisfy your needs.  

Before heading onto the water, it is imperative to make sure that you will be safe. So, the first marine electronic that you should buy is the VHF radio. Anything can happen while on the water and that is the reason why you shouldn’t forget to carry a VHF radio. In case you need assistance, you can use it to call for help. A good example of fixed mount radios Lowrance make is LVR 880. Some of the noticeable features of this equipment are FM radio reception as well as Digital Selective Calling or DSC. There are also plenty of hand-held VHF radios, for example, LHR 20, LHR 80 and LHR 22. The good thing about the LHR 80 is that it is floatable and features inbuilt GPS receiver. The LHR 22 features Lithium-ion battery and very similar to LHR 20. All of them are waterproof.  

Another common marine electronic made by Lowrance is the GlobalMap 5150C. It features a GPS chartplotter. It has an antenna as well as a wide display screen with exceptionally great resolution. Some common examples of GlobalMap are 5300IGPS, 4800M and 5200C. All of the usually have Wide Area Augmentation System or WAAS capability as well as GPS. The 5300IGPS as well as 5200C have color display screens. Fishfinders are also common marine electronics. Some of them are:

X136DF – It utilizes the dual frequency sonar, that is, 50/200 kHz. The depth penetration can be as high as 2500 feet.

X135 – This fishfinder utilizes single frequency, that is, 200 kHz. It has a wide screen with a great resolution. The depth penetration reaches 1000 feet.

X136DF – It is also a good example of dual frequency sonar. It features a wide screen having an excellent resolution. The depth penetration reaches 1700 feet.  

X125 sonar – The depth penetration reaches 900 feet. It operates at 200 kHz frequency. Also, it has a wide monochrome display screen.  

X96 sonar – It operates at 200 kHz. It has a monochrome screen with exceptional resolution

There are also many compact fishfinders manufactured by Lowrance. They feature hydrographic mapping as well as monochrome displays. There are also some options ideal for ice fishing, for example, X67C Ice machine. It operates at 200 kHz. Plus, it has a charger, carrying bag and rechargeable battery. That is not all, there are many Lowrance digital gauges for showing depth, fish finding details, temperature and multiple readings. The marine electronics made by Lowrance help you get maximum enjoyment while boating. Tools like fishfinders, VHF radios and chartplotter will surely enhance your boating experience.

Rob Quint is the author of this article on Lowrance. Find more information, about marine electronics.


Anchor Express

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Stoughton, MA 02072
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Thursday, 08 June 2017 21:32

How To Find Budget-Friendly Designer Clothing

Written by ymowapar

Who would not need to own and wear designer clothes? There are only a few who does remain indifferent to this particular question. Christian Louboutin shoes, Versace watches and Prada purses are some of the stuff that a woman would want in her own closet. These clothes give a totally different look and make you feel more confident. Many globally acclaimed designer handbags and clothes are easily available and not easily acquirable as few people have enough money them. Designer apparel and accessories remains a distant dream for a lot of. With the rising costs of these brands it is challenging to purchase them. VAENO

Why A Barbour Quilted Jacket Is The Best Option For Any Type Of Period

There are many main reasons why people avoid shopping online, and a major reason is price. People think that because designer clothes are cheaper online the clothes are either, fakes, of low quality, second hand, or damaged. However, there are legitimate main reasons why designer women's clothing is cheaper online, which we will discuss here.

Choosing Guy'S Designer Clothing For The Tall, Thin Physique

2) Wearing something too conspicuous on a date is usually considered ungentlemanly and distasteful since it appears like you're trying to steal the spotlight out of your lady. This rule is starting to become a lesser amount of a worry seemingly day-to-day. But it still applies in formal situations, like an evening in the opera or a fancy dinner date in the posh bistro. vaeno

There are some other considerations that you will find to make note of prior to buying designer clothes. Current style is an extremely important issue. You need to know "what's in" at this time. Look around you together with observe the current trend and wearing of other people. Most people should not buy clothes which are outdated.

There is a wide selection of clothes that's available on the market. Right from tees, skirts, jeans, frocks, tops, bottoms, evening wear, ethnic wear and so forth. Children grow very quickly if they're young this also is considered while designing the designer clothes; hence it is not necessary to do any alterations when your child grows.

Monday, 05 June 2017 08:19

Amethyst Stone: Healing & Astrological Benefits

Written by shahid

History of Amethyst Stone

Amethyst has a rich History and had its significance during ancient Greek era. The Name 'Amethyst' comes from the Greek word 'Ametusthos' only. In Greek, Ametusthos means 'de-toxicating', 'Un-toxicated' or 'Pure'. Amethyst was once a very rare and precious stone. There was a time, when Amethyst Gemstone was as expensive than Diamonds. Nowadays, Amethyst stone is not very rare and hence it is much more affordable now.

Benefits of wearing Amethyst Gemstone?


  • This stone has great effects on Mind and Soul. It supports and polishes business acumen of the wearer.
  • The Energy transcend into the person to give a clear and outstanding personality.
  • It helps in getting rid of Evil Thoughts and Depression.
  • It draws closer to God and Spirituality.
  • It also helps in inducing peaceful sleep.
  • It Guards against Phobia, Panic attacks and Paranoia.
  • It releases stress and relaxes mind. It helps in overcoming mood swings.
  • It Stimulates mind to become more Focused, Creative and Productive. It allows the flow of new innovative ideas and motives to execute the Ideas.
  • It helps in keeping Emotional Balance. Negative feelings like irritability, Jealousy and hatred, subsides gradually.
  • It draws people more close to their Loved ones. Emotional bond with partner and family strengthens.
  • It is helpful for healing Insomnia. It induces sound sleep.
  • Amethyst Eases Headaches and Migraines.
  • It cleanses blood, promotes cell regeneration and fast recovery from Injuries.
  • Amethyst boosts hormone Production and balances the Metabolism.
  • Amethyst is highly recommended to people with Respiratory disorders, Hormonal imbalance and digestion disorders.


Ways of using Amethyst Stone


  • Wear as Pendant: Amethyst is a Beautiful stone that can become a jewellery piece too. Amethyst can be worn as a Pendant made in Silver or Gold.
  • Wear as a Ring: Amethyst can be worn in a Ring made in Silver or gold. You can wear it in either hand.
  • Wear as a Bracelet: Amethyst bracelet with one single stone or several stones can be made in silver or gold.
  • Wear as Armlet or Anklet: If you want to keep your Amethyst close to you, without showing to the world, then Armlets and Anklets are just fine for you.
  • Amethyst Crystal: You can keep Amethyst Crystal close to you, at a place where you spend most of your timen like your office or bedroom.
  • Amethyst Balls: Small Amethyst balls may adorn your Office table or bed-side table or cupboard. Keep Amethyst Balls in a group of 3, 5 or 7 in a Bowl and let it spread positive vibes in whole room.
  • Amethyst Angels: Keep Amethyst Angel figurine in your bedroom for positive Dreams and Sound sleep.
  • Amethyst Tree: Amethyst Tree boosts Professional Growth and Good Health. Amethyst crystals made into a tree works best for Growth, Prosperity and Good health.
  • Amethyst Statues: Keep Amethyst gemstone statues of subjects which are close to your aspiration. Choose a God Figure, nature, animal etc. and keep it in the office or bedroom

Buy Natural and lab certified gemstone online at very affordable price in Delhi, We provide Free home delivery with Govt Approved gemstone testing  laboratory

Tuesday, 30 May 2017 18:21

Ruby - A Gemstone For Love, Warmth And Sympathy

Written by Ashutosh

We are encompassed by various hues in our lives. Some are glad and bloom with yellow, some are miserable and distress in the dark, some find a sense of contentment with white others are excited in green. Red is the shading for Love and affection. A Ruby has this wonderful shade of Love in it.

Ruby is a gemstone found beneath the earth's crust, which has a unique hue of Red color. Ruby gemstone gets its natural red color due to the presence of chromium and traces of potassium in its mineral composition which is called 'Corundum'. Ruby gemstone is also known as 'The king of gemstones'. It gets this title because of two main reasons: firstly, the unique hue of red color in Ruby is so rare to get, that the original blood red color of this gemstone is said to be mined only once in every 15-16 years. They are found mainly in Asia (near the Myanmar (Burma), India & Sri Lanka) & Africa (Mozambique, Madagascar & Western Africa). Secondly, according to the Vedic astrology, Ruby gemstone represents the planet Sun (Surya) who is believed to be the King or Ruler or Father of our solar system and hence, the stone associated with Sun is also said to be the King of Gemstones.


Wearing a ruby gemstone in a ring or a pendant expands the appeal, excellence and general quality of the wearer. It likewise speaks to the holding in a relationship. It helps keeping the glow of the relationship and thus expanding the adoration and warmth between human souls.

In the event that you have a woman love, a delightful red gemstone ruby ring particularly the one encompassed by little precious stones or zircons would act as an endowment of a lifetime and in case you're a woman cherish yourself, then a Ruby gemstone ring in gold would expand his pride and stature in the general public.

Astrologically, wearing a ruby gemstone helps you to concentrate or focus on your assignments and likewise gives the wearer more noteworthy specialist, powers and psyche to work in substantially higher position. Ruby gemstone supports self-assurance and teaches the sentimental love, warmth and sympathy. It restores one's identity and decreases melancholy and enhances visual perception and blood course. It advances a more advantageous love life.

The best ruby for astrological purposes are mined from Mogok mines in Myanmar (Old Burma). As an example of Ruby to represent the love, Sultan of Brunei gifted a beautiful & expensive 15.97 carat  Mogok mine ruby as an engagement ring for one of his three wives whom he loved the most. Sun is the leader of ruby makes Sunday a decent day to wear this gemstone. This enchanting gemstone is the birthstone of the July conceived and henceforth holds countable gainful components for them. The reviving red ruby is viewed as the image of everlasting affection as the shading red means love. The gemstone is prescribed for the general population conceived in July to help them in matters of affection and relationship which assists fortifies their bond and love life.

Ruby gemstone is also considered to be gifted as a token of love on the 40th wedding anniversary. This anniversary is also known as the Ruby Jubilee year. So, you know a couple who's going to celebrate their 40th love anniversary, then you do not need to think twice before buying a beautiful Ruby for the couple to remember your love.


For proper benefits, how to wear Ruby with accurate procedure and timing . For more information regarding the procedure to wear, Calendar and timing, Visit us at You can write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Call us at 7838874188 (New Delhi, India).

Saturday, 13 May 2017 11:29

8 Things That Your Singapore Florist Keeps Secret

Written by 3florist

3F 12 Purple Roses & 6 Rocher With Heart-Shape Pillow Hand BouquetHow would you like to get the inside scoop on what florists keep secret? Knowing these industry secrets will help you to get better deals when making a purchase. They will also help you to make your flowers last for a longer period of time. This means that you will get to enjoy the flowers for longer.

Buy on the right days

When you want to make a purchase from a Singapore florist, the best day of the week to go and make a purchase is on Monday's.  Most florists have fresh stock on these days, so you will get the freshest flowers.

If you are looking to get a special offer, consider making your purchase over the weekends. That is on Saturdays and Sundays. More florists will be open to you bargaining on these days, since they want to finish up all their old stock before the new stock comes in.

Buy fresh flowers

Fresh flowers will last longer once bought. If you want to tell how old the flowers are, just look at the number of petals that have been ripped off the rose. The more outer petals that have been removed, the older the flower is.

Do not put your flowers at the window

Flowers might look good on your window sill and you may think that the sunlight is doing them a lot of good, but the truth of the matter is that you are killing them off. Too much heat from the sun will cause the flowers to get dehydrated.

Keep the flowers away from sunshine, especially if they have just been delivered since they are still dehydrated. Keep them in a cool place and put them in water immediately they are delivered.

Keep your flowers away from fruit

Fruits emit ethylene gas. This gas causes flowers to wilt away quickly. If you want your flowers to last for long, keep them away from the fresh fruit bowl.

Ask for special offers

You can get a discount if you ask. But if you do not ask you might never ask one. Since you have nothing to lose by asking, ask!

Clean the vase

Every time you change the water in the vase you have to clean the vase as well. This is to get rid of the bacteria in the vase; otherwise the bacteria that remain on the container will affect the plant and make it to die sooner rather than later.

Find a local vendor

If you want to buy the flowers for yourself or someone local, find a Singapore florist who has a shop in the area. Make sure that they have a physical address in your town. This will ensure that you get the flowers faster and that they arrive while still fresh.

It's okay to think outside the box

You don't only have to buy red roses on Valentine's Day. It is okay to buy flowers of a different type and flowers which have a different color. A lot of women won't mind a bunch of red tulips instead of a bunch of red roses.


Primula Florist & Reef
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Xiaomi has recently released its latest flagship smartphone dubbed as the Xiaomi Mi 6 in the Chinese market. The latest mobile is priced at CNY 2,499 (roughly Rs 23,500) in China for the 6GB RAM + 64GB internal storage variant. At the launch event, the company highlighted some exciting new features of the Mi 6. Let’s have a look on top 6 features of Xiaomi Mi 6.


Xiaomi always is known for its good-looking handset. And the Xiaomi Mi 6 is no exception. The device flaunts a 5.15-inch display and has a four-sided 3D curved glass with reflective mirror finish. It will be offered in White, Blue, and Black colour options. The volume keys and card slot are placed on the sides. The rear panel of the device has a mirror-like effect. There is also a Ceramic variant.


The Xiaomi Mi 6 comes equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset based on 10nm architecture. The device is accelerated by a 6GB RAM which handles multitasking, gaming and everything you want to throw at it. Additionally, the chipset provides Gigabit LTE speeds.


The Xiaomi Mi 6 offers a pair of 12MP sensors at the rear in which one is a wide-angle lens and another is a telephoto lens which is capable of 2X optical lossless zoom. The rear camera sports a 4-axis OIS stabilisation system which ensures steady image capturing on the device. The dual camera setup also ensures a great depth-of-field capturing and employs binocular imaging system with the deep learning algorithm.

Stereo speakers

The Xiaomi Mi 6 features dual speakers setup on the top and bottom of the device. The speakers are said to be competent to deliver immersive stereo effect. Furthermore, the dual speakers are also capable of offering surround sound experience.

Fingerprint sensor

Xiaomi has incorporated the fingerprint sensor underneath the front glass which uses ultrasonic technology for authentication that was seen earlier on the Xiaomi Mi 5s. The company claims that the fingerprint scanner won’t get damaged while using the device against wear and tear.

Bluetooth 5.0

The next generation of Bluetooth technology, the Bluetooth 5.0 is here. Xiaomi Mi 6 has joined the next Bluetooth generation bandwagon after the Samsung Galaxy S8. The new generation allows a 4x range, 8x broadcasting capacity, and 2x speed hike compared to the fourth generation Bluetooth technology. Moreover, users can now connect up to two speakers simultaneously via Bluetooth.



Summers are here with pack of sweaty heat and immense humidity. Heat waves of summer season will make things difficult to manage and one finds solitude in cool air conditioned room sipping chill lemonade.

Even as elders find it difficult to cope with the scorching heat of summer, one has to give proper care and attention to babies and infants.

Here are some basic tips to make your baby comfortable in summer:

Go Cotton


Cotton clothes are the best attire that one should wear during summers as cotton fabric is a natural fiber and a good absorbed of water and it aids in absorbing sweat and also it is breathing fabric and thus allows air to pass through keeping the body cool. Wearing cotton clothes to babies will make them feel cool and comfortable thus combating extreme outside heat. Avoid synthetic clothes as they will be uncomfortable and cause rashes. Go for cotton nappies as they are comfortable and aid in preventing heat and nappy rash.

Go For Light Colored Clothes


Light colored clothes reflects light and dark colored clothes absorbs it.The more heat that is absorbed the hotter the clothing and hotter you feel. Moreover light colored clothing looks softer and cooler. You rbaby will feel cooler and better in light colored clothes.

Plenty of Water


Water is the summer saver as extreme heat drain of water from the body in the form of sweat. So give your baby water at regular intervals so that the temperature is regulated and also it makes the baby to stay hydrated and thus protect it from stomach infections and dehydration which are very common disease in summers.

Protect From Mosquitoes


As summer sets in, mosquitoes start setting in. Protect your baby from mosquito bites by applying skin and baby friendly repellents,cleaning the area where mosquitoes breed, making use of mosquito net when the baby sleeps, make the baby wear full sleeves clothes and most importantly maintaining hygiene around the house. It is better to avoid going out with the baby at mosquito prime time especially during evening as chances of mosquito bites are higher during that period.



Summer season makes digestion a bit tough so it is better to give light food to the babies. Go for foods that are easily digestible and less of ghee, oil or nut.

Bath Time


One can bath the baby twice a day during summers. Avoid giving very hot water baths to babies and toddlers during summers. Always use mild water bath to the baby. Avoid too much baths to the baby as it fluctuate the body temperature.

Heat Rash


Heat rashes are common during summers especially babies get seem to get it most. It is the rash that has the feeling of being pricked in are as that are exposed to sun. Cause of heat rash is excessive sweating and humidity. The best remedy of heat rash is to limit the sun exposure of your baby, keeping the baby clean and dry and keeping it hydrated. As treatment use mild soap and tepid water during bath time to help soothe the skin, apply coconut oil in the affected area and give nappy free time as much as possible. Dab calamine lotion to soothe the skin and avoid using other lotions or ointments as they  trap moisture in the skin and make the rash worse.

Skin Care


Use mild soap for bath as skin of baby is delicate. Make use of talcum powder to keep the skin cool and also they absorb sweat keeping the baby cool. Summer is havoc for skin and sensitive skin of the babies needs special care. Avoid massaging with oil during summers as oils left behind will cause a great discomfort to the baby so just bathing with moisturizing soap is enough.

Buy skin care product for baby


Avoid taking your baby out during peak time i.e. between 11.30 am and 4.00pm. This is the time when the temperature outside is at its peak.


Avoid taking your baby to air conditioned room immediately after bath as babies can quickly catch cold because of sudden temperature change.

Original Resource:-



Your wedding? Still confused as what type of accessories will match your wedding lehenga. This question has left all brides tossing their head left and right. Bridal lehenga with matching jewelry has hit the fashion floor since “Jodha Akhbar” to “Bajirao Mastani”. But that does not mean that you choose your pick according to these. Now the rules have changed. Your dressing style depends upon the mood, ambience of the wedding.

Thus following are some of the tips that should be taken into consideration if you go forward for your wedding jewelry. Because at the end your attire and jewelry are the most gossiped and talked item by people in the wedding. If you want people to remember your attire, fashion, style and jewelry. Then give them the reason to do so.

· Traditional bridal lehenga:

If we go according to traditional speaking then those old traditional Lehengas are a must choose for today’s Indian wedding. Be it for Haldi, Sangeet or engagement or any other ceremony with close family members. When you go bemuse as in what accessories to pair up with your entire Look. You can think something vintage designed gold jewelry of Kundan and Polki that goes well with all types of Traditional attire. Just remember that the bridal Lehenga accessories go matching with the lehenga.

· Contrast Play:

Now is the time of contrasting. You buy a Lehenga from the fashion town and then going for contrasting jewelry has hit likes among all. Red, Pink, Golden Lehenga goes perfectly matching with emeralds and rubies. There is nothing more striking and eye-grabbing than this. Short Gyaan: if your outfit is Pastel please stick to Pearls any other jewelry will look filthy.

· Bangles/cuffs/bracelets

Bangles!! We all love Bangles and Bangles with Lehenga for the wedding ceremonies are the perfect pick for the wedding. You can even do experiments with countless set of Collections. Girls! Also remember there would be countless pictures of your hands in your wedding Album. Go for Contrast Bangles, Gold bangles are supreme choice of every woman. In case you don’t want to opt for handcuffs or Bracelets.

· Jewelry as per complexion:

Jewelry as per particular face shape of the bride help to balance overall appearance of the bride. The Jewelry or even the Lehenga should not overpower your look and beauty essence. Earrings or even for necklace should be decided according to your face cut. Women with dark complexion should wear light gold jewelry in order to look attractive and women with fair complexion should go for white gold along with gold.

· Mix and match:

It is not at all necessary that you wear all jewelry set. It is really very necessary that you wear to buy separate jewelry sets for each. For example if earrings that comes with the set you have purchased is heavy according to the attire and occasion then go for a sleeker and lighter one that is of same color to compliment the rest of your attire.

· Quality excellence:


Wedding Jewelry is not just a single one time wear, it is a lifetime security and therefore it is very necessary to emphasis more on quality. If you go for good quality then paying extra will not cost you or harm you much. A superior quality ornament will always give a new look and you will be able to wear it for various other occasions in your life.

Casio watches popularity is world known. For any watch lover, it is quite significant to discuss about what makes Casio watches so special that it win hearts for all category of people around the world. Today we will discuss about three most popular and adorable Casio Edifice watches for men that attracts the bid to buy them.

The Casio Edifice watches in UK are inspired by the Motorsports and tough watch lovers. One can easily notice that chunky and enlarged size look on them. It is so much prevail in many of their models. Quality is not the big thing when you are buying Casio Edifice watches as they are extremely tough for all kind of conditions. Most of the watches I am going to discuss is under 200 pound, thus it is affordable too.

You might be wondering why I am going so much crazy about defining all the good thing about Edifice watches. Read this article and you will soon fall in love with exquisite features and hard rock quality of these watches.

1. Casio Edifice EFR-539D-1A2VUEF

This is one of my favourite, of course that is why I have put it at no.1 position. It has fancy look and the dial is quite fascinating too that give stunning view to the watch. It simply contain all the features that Casio Edifice watch contains.

Stopwatch, mineral glass, 100m water resistance, shock resistance, what more one can demand for. It is quite preferable on some of the series of Casio Edifice that why for me it is just not number one but best from users perspective as well.

2. Casio Edifice Men's Watch EF-539D- 1AVEF

This is one with the scratch resistant hard mineral glass watch give you protection from scratches that we get quite frequently. Chronograph timing and water resistance to 100 meter is another features that make it worth selecting for normal or tough condition. Thus in my views it is an affordable as well as click good value for money. You can buy Casio Edifice watches online in UK. But before you buy it take a detail look to each and every specification that it holds and if you wish you can compare with other brand of watch at this price segment. I think it will give you clear idea about the whether it is worth your choice or not.

3. Casio Men's Solar Radio Watch Edifice EQW-M710DB-1A1ER


Albeit this model of Casio Edifice is bit higher on the price but according to its price reputation it is not loaded with all features that give you full value for your money. But the best things or you can say that the best feature that it holds is its solar cell power that give non-stop durability to the battery. Its solar panel is so strong that it recharge the battery even with low and scanty light energy. This certainly means that you do not need to worry about changing and charging its battery as its get charged from the natural sunlight. Other special features that make you buy this watch is that it is radio controlled. It means it will be accurate to 1/1000th of second. The little use of red will also entice you towards it. I know it is little information but notable.

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