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Thursday, 08 September 2016 07:08

The Complete Bike Touring Packing List

Written by  Bike Tours and Cycling Tours
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If you’re planning to travel by bike, then it is very important for you to understand what to pack or what to not! It is important to pack everything for a long journey, but not over packing considering the length. Many cyclists fail to complete their tour due to lack of knowledge of routes and touring requirements. Either they are over packing or forget to carry essential stuff for touring.

That’s why below guide will make you prepared, by put together all the essentials for cycling tour packing.

  1. Clothing Guide: You need two types of clothes – on bike clothes and off bike clothes. On bike clothes should be light and comfortable for long pedaling, while off bike clothes are your general wear at night or while camping. Take a look below, however you can modify the following list depending on your personal needs and Cycling Tours France requirements.

On bike Clothing:

  • Cycling helmet

  • Touring shoes — good for walking as well as riding

  • Cycling gloves

  • Cycling shorts

  • Socks — wool or synthetic

  • Leg warmers or tights for riding

  • Short-sleeved shirts

  • Light, long-sleeved shirt

  • Rain gear, jacket and pants

  • Waterproof shoe covers

Off Bike Clothing:

  • Comfortable shorts, pants (with zip-off legs)

  • Undergarments

  • Lightweight shoes

  • Wool sweater or fleece jacket

  • Gloves — wool or fleece

  1. Bike Tools and spare parts guide: Carry all the spare parts and tool kits for emergency such as flat tire. Necessary spare parts include inner tube, tire levers, tube repair kits, screwdrivers and cables.

Packing Guide:

  • Tire levers and patch kit

  • Spare tube

  • Mini-pump

  • Electrical tape

  • Spoke wrench

  • Spare spokes sized for your bike’s wheels

  • Allen wrenches

  • Screwdriver

  • Chain tool

  • Brake cable

  • Extra nuts, bolts, and wire

  • Assorted plastic zip ties

  • Small chain lube and rag

  • Bicycle light for night travelling

  • Rearview mirror

  • Hose clamp

  • Spare brake pads

  • Spare clipless-pedal-cleat bolts

  • Duct tape

Use a strong pannier to carry all your essential items only. Panniers are spacious to carry a lot of stuff. You can accommodate your snacks, water bottles, clothes, food, first aid kit, tool kit, and camping gear. Do not carry anything on your back. Proper Packing for Cycling Tours France is also very important. Place your heavier items at the bottom and lighter at the top while packing. Also avoid unnecessary overloading.

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